Extreme Love exclusive: Chloe and Andrea share their feeder and feedee relationship

Andrea and Chloe during the Extreme Love confessional.
Andre and Chloe share their relationship on Extreme Love. Pic credit: WEtv

Extreme Love is back with a brand new episode. This time, the story combines same-sex relationships with fetishes.

This is the second season of Extreme Love, and following Life After Lockup on WEtv has appeared to work out well.

Andrea and Chloe are the feeder and feedee couple on Extreme Love

In this week’s exclusive Extreme Love clip, viewers are introduced to Andrea and Chloe. The two women are in a relationship, and their fetish is all about food and feeding.

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Chloe is the feeder, and Andrea is the feedee. When the two met, Andrea was roughly 200 pounds. Currently, she is between 230 and 240 pounds. Chloe’s goal for her girlfriend is to get her between 350 and 400 pounds.

The show follows the couple as they eat at a buffet. Chloe is encouraging Andrea to eat as they sit at the table and discuss their relationship. Andrea reveals that they discussed their turn-ons, and Chloe admitted to liking her belly.

At first, she thought she was joking. As it turns out, that was the beginning of their relationship as a feeder and feedee. Andrea eats and jokes about Chloe getting a “lady boner.”

There are videos of Chloe feeding Andrea a huge cake for dessert that will be shown on the new episode of Extreme Love. It also includes seeing Chloe love on Andrea’s belly and kissing it as she begins to get turned on.

These two will share their story with viewers who may or may not know about a feeder and feedee relationship. Andrea and Chloe appear to be happy with where they are at, even if some of their desires appear to be more fetish-focused than most.

Andrea and Chloe during the Extreme Love confessional.
Andre and Chloe share their relationship on Extreme Love. Pic credit: WEtv

Other Extreme Love couples

Over the last few weeks, Extreme Love viewers have met other couples who don’t necessarily fit society’s norm when it comes to relationships.

Autumn revealed that she found success in the foot fetish world. Her giant feet have earned her quite a bit of money, and she chronicled her journey on a recent episode of Extreme Love.

Viewers have also met Michele, who is in love with a Boeing 737. She revealed her desires and relationship with the plane, admitting that her romance isn’t widely accepted in society.

Last week, a thruple was introduced. Bella, Dan, and Ken let Extreme Love viewers get an inside look into how things work in their lives. A thruple isn’t the norm, but it was one of the less exotic couples or stories featured.

Extreme Love airs Friday nights at 10/9c on WEtv.

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