Each of the Kardashian-Jenner family’s net worths in 2022 and how Kim Kardashian became the richest one

The Kardashian-Jenners posing on the red carpet at an event.
Kim Kardashian recently took Kylie Jenner’s reign as the richest family member. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/ Admedia

The Kardashian-Jenner family has proven that their reality TV reign is here to stay. 

Since 2007, the famous bunch shared their personal and professional lives through Keeping Up With the Kardashians. However, those who aren’t fans of the family’s former E! show still see what they’re doing on social media and during interviews. Additionally, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kris Jenner have separate businesses outside of their TV show. 

Although each Kar-Jenner sister found success and fortune, Kim’s clothing line, SKIMS, recently made her the wealthiest family member. But, how much is the entire family worth in 2022? Here’s what we know. 

Kim Kardashian net worth – $1.4 billion

Kim Kardashian officially became a billionaire last April. After KUWTK’s success, the mother of four gained recognition for her ability to earn income from social media. According to Forbes, Kim used her significant Twitter and Instagram following to gain endorsement deals with fashion and beauty brands. However, in 2017, she decided to create her own business and launched KKW Beauty. 

At the time, Kim focused on the brand’s contour kits, which sold out hours after she debuted the 300,000 items. Last year, she expanded KKW Beauty’s worth by selling some of her stakes to the cosmetics conglomerate, Coty. While she sold the company for $20 million, the tradeoff made it worth $1 billion. 

Last week, SKIMS also increased Kim’s net worth. The line, which started as a shapewear company, recently doubled. According to Bloomberg, the shapewear collection doubled in valuation to $3.2 billion after sales surged in 2021.

Even though Kim created the line in 2019, the coronavirus pandemic caused increased sales for her business. When she realized consumers were looking for items to wear at home, she created several loungewear outfits for them to enjoy. Through SKIMS, Kim has also collaborated with the Olympics, Fendi, and celebrities like Teyana Taylor. 

Kylie Jenner net worth – $700 million

Despite Forbes featuring her as the youngest billionaire, Kylie Jenner’s status has dropped. In 2019, she inked a deal with Coty to sell her company for $1.2 billion. Following the landmark deal, the coronavirus pandemic halted Kylie Cosmetics’ sales, causing Forbes to retract their statement. Since launching her cosmetics line in 2016, Kylie has also received allegations that she stole her ideas from other beauty businesses. 

Although she’s no longer the wealthiest Kar-Jenner, Stormi Webster’s mom is the most popular, at least on Instagram. Earlier this month, she reached 300 million followers on Instagram, becoming the first woman to do so. As Kylie prepared to give birth to her second child with Travis Scott, she continued working on her new projects: Kylie Swim and Kylie Baby

Kris Jenner net worth – $190 million

While she’s had several platforms of her own, including a talk show and cookbook, Kris Jenner earns most of her fortune through her kids. The successful momager makes business decisions for her daughters and son, Rob Kardashian. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kris also co-founded KKW Beauty with Kim in 2017. Before the venture, she became a silent partner of Kylie Cosmetics, earning her a piece of any of the brand’s profits. 

Kris Jenner standing and holding a handbag at a Tiffany's event.
Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/StarMaxWorldwide

Kris also gained her fortune through KUWTK. By the time the show ended last year, she had earned $100,000 per episode. In November, Kris used some of her millions to move into a $20 million mega-mansion in LA. 

Kourtney Kardashian net worth – $65 million

On KUWTK, Kim once accused Kourtney Kardashian of not working as much as the other sisters. Despite the criticism, Kar-Jenner’s eldest maintains her income on her own terms. In addition to the money she earned from the show, Kourt frequently participates in endorsement deals on her social media accounts. However, in 2019, the mother of four launched her lifestyle brand, Poosh, which she named after her daughter, Penelope Disick. According to Net Worth Spot, the brand earns approximately $3 million per year. 

Even though she was the most vocal about being frustrated with filming KUWTK, Kourt signed on for their Hulu show. In addition to The Kardashians boosting her net worth, she’s also highlighting her upcoming wedding to Travis Barker. Although they signed on to the show, Kourtney is reportedly worried her family’s recent headlines will turn the attention away from their big day. 

“Kourt is furious that this latest family drama is overshadowing the wedding planning,” a source told The Sun. “For her, the wedding is the biggest deal of her life, and she just felt that for once it should be all about her.”

Khloe Kardashian net worth – $50 million

Khloe Kardashian earns her income by having several diverse business ventures. In addition to being an executive producer on Keeping Up for 20 seasons, she also had EP credit on all of its spin-offs. Khloe then started working on individual television products, including Revenge Body’s reality show. The mother of one also produced ​​Twisted Sisters on Investigation Discovery. 

In 2015, Khloe launched Good American as a co-founder and CEO. Today, the denim brand has an estimated value of $12.7 million. Like her sisters, Khloe also has several endorsement deals, including her latest partner, Nurtec ODT. The reality star partnered with the medicine after years of struggling with migraines. 

“I vividly remember how I felt, but mainly I remember how everyone told me that I wasn’t feeling what I felt. People would always say, ‘Oh, it’s just a headache,'” Khloe told “That’s the stigma with migraines, that it’s just a headache. And being 12 years old, and at that time, no one in my family experienced migraines, I was embarrassed to say when I was suffering from one.”

Kendall Jenner net worth – $45 million 

Although Kendall Jenner earns the least from her sisters, her net worth surpasses many industry peers. In 2017, Forbes deemed Kendall the highest-paid fashion model in the world. The following year, she exceeded her record by earning $22.5 million. Kendall also landed several endorsements with Calvin Klein, Estee Lauder, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, and Karl Lagerfeld. 

In addition to modeling and starring on KUWTK all 20 seasons, Kendall partnered with Moon Oral Care to create a teeth whitening pen. Additionally, she launched her 818 Tequila brand last May. Since its launch, the spirit has sold over ​​136,000 cases as of December. Not only does Kendall promote her product online, but she also shares her hands-on approach to the company via Instagram. 

“Had an amazing time at our distillery yesterday!” she shared in September. “I always enjoy getting to spend time with our wonderful team who make all of this possible, a true honor :).”

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