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Dr. Pepper speaks out about casting Chris Williams on Married at First Sight, defends experts

Dr-Pepper on Married at First Sight
Dr. Pepper reminds fans of the intense casting process participants undergo prior to appearing on the show. Pic credit: Lifetime

The experts have been under fire more than usual this season for casting Chris Williams, who has quickly made a case for being the worst husband in the history of Married at First Sight.

Getting Married at First Sight always has its risks, but the experiment based in Atlanta took a crazy turn with the revelation of a pregnant ex-fiancee and that was only after Chris slept with Paige and then revealed that he really wasn’t that into her.

In the latest episode, we see Paige continuing to stand by her man while the rest of the cast worries for her well-being. That didn’t bode well with Chris, who can’t seem to understand why everyone cares so much about Paige and not him. Things turned really ugly after he told some of the couples to stay out of his business, causing quite an argument with two of the other brides.

Each week, Married at First Sight viewers seem to become more upset with Chris Williams and with the MAFS experts, who seemed to think he was a good match for Paige, despite having only recently been engaged to another woman.

And as the experts continue to be called out for the casting snafu, a couple of them have spoken out about it. Now, Dr. Pepper is making a case for why they continue to film with Chris and Paige. As she reminded fans, there have been some situations that looked dire on the show in the past that have turned around and blossomed into wonderful relationships.

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Dr. Pepper compares the relationship to MAFS alums Shawniece and Jephte

In a since-now deleted post on Instagram, resident expert Dr. Pepper reminds fans of the intensive process that the participants go through.

Detailing interviews, psychological tests, and forensic researchers, the MAFS expert claims that the show does do its due diligence in vetting those who appear on the show. If that’s the case, then how did Chris Williams get picked and why do they continue to film his story?

Here is what Dr. Pepper had to say:

Pic credit: @dr_pepper_schwartz/Instagram

She details that one thing the experts can’t predict is how these singles will participate in situations under stress. According to her, “People do change – a lot – when threatened or disappointed.”

While a lot of fans have called for the show to intervene and stop filming, Dr. Pepper compares the rocky start of Chris and Paige to Season 6 couple Shawniece and Jephte.

“The reason we keep on is that we have seen similar ‘train wrecks’ turn around,” she writes. “It’s miserable to watch in the beginning but he turns around-breaks down, changes the way he approaches his wife and his life, and the changes are both life changing and inspirational.”

Although it worked out for their love story, it doesn’t look like it’s heading that direction for Paige and Chris. It also helps that Jephte and Shawniece didn’t have to deal with a child outside of their marriage.

Regardless, Dr. Pepper writes, “Even if the couple doesn’t get together – at least one person can grow and gain strength and know more about who she or he is and what they want in a partner.”

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Pic credit: @dr_pepper_schwartz/Instagram
Pic credit: @dr_pepper_schwartz/Instagram

Dr. Pepper tells viewers that the Chris they met initially was a different person

Fans have called out the experts for not predicting Chris’s behavior, especially clearly knowing about the recent engagement. “We must take responsibility for this match,” Dr. Pepper wrote, but she assures fans, “the Chris we all see now, is not the Chris we met and married to Paige.”

Pic credit: @dr_pepper_schwartz/Instagram

Both Pastor Cal and Dr. Viviana Coles have defended the process and encouraged fans to continue watching.

Pic credit: @dr_pepper_schwartz/Instagram

What do you think of Dr. Pepper’s statement?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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  1. Hi, my name is Annie Watts I am a big fan of the show.And as a 60 something. I would like to see more mixed marriages with a white man and African-American woman it’s time for married at first sight to get with the public .And as far as Chris goes. He’s the worst.

  2. Also, there seems to be this month out there, that black women are not considered as desirable, by White men. And I know that’s not true.
    Do you give them a choice?
    I would hold a special just for people that wanted an interracial partner who want a black women.
    And I would have the same l process for black women asking them if they would choose a white man? Or someone that isn’t black.
    Please let me know what you think about my idea.Thank you and as humans will make mistakes sometime the most important thing is that we learn from them.

    • Hello Shay I dont think he fooled the experts they been doing this stuff for years. They ignored the signs. One he was just engaged to another woman a couple months ago. I dont think they would have select a man that was just engaged a couple of months ago for their daughters. I am very upset about this. I usually dont post stuff. THEY have me very angry.

      • I totally agree. Even before the pregnancy bomb, he said he’d been recently engaged. With all the research, the experts “supposedly ” did, how did that slip through the cracks???? I think they ignored it. A recent engagement should have been an automatic denial.

      • You have to wonder if it was just guaranteed dramatic television. I hope not but it does have to cross your mind why he was ever even on the show in the first place??

    • I wonder, did he really fool the experts or did they know he was not marriage material. I really feel for Paige for having gotten saddled with an NPD like Chris. I do not know if the show used him or not for ratings, but it was really Paige who I felt bad for. She never had a chance. My only problem with her is her self-esteem, she did not have the sense to know when to let Chris go.

  3. This is a simple CYA statement, there are contracts arrangements wherein Paige could be fined for exiting, Ratings & $$$$ is what this is all about. In the perview interview with Chris I could see (& I am not a trained professional ) that he has NPD & Paige is definitely dealing with a great deal of insecurity & a lot of confusion about the character of God. I deplore the fact they are using God to justify their behavior and choices. Chris knows it is the ex-financee’s Cousin that’s pergnant. Another episode of portraying African Americans in a Negative light.

  4. Hands down you guys need to own ALL of it. Sign one he was just engaged a couple of months a go. Experts know to jump back into anther relationship to soon is not a good thing. There is a process called healing . I think you wanted ratings at the expenses of Paige. I watched these show for many years. Not no more for me. She did not deserve that. No ONE should be trying to defend experts . DONT make it seem like it is her decision to stay because she also signed a contract or something with you guys. Let’s not forget that . OWN EVERY BIT of her embarrassing moments on National tv.

  5. I read dr pepper’s explanation on How everyone was fooled by Chris. However, I do not agree.
    Dr. Pepper explains the thorough back ground checks and interviews by many people that are involved in the process of choosing a candidate.. it just does not make sense that no one saw a red flag. Sorry. I think its balony. I do however have to give the crew credit on scripting and creating incredible stories with at least one of the couples to keep the audience entertained.
    I think this is the best so far. Kudos to the creators of the show.

  6. She insinuated that Paige wants to see it thru even after hinting to her to let Chris go. So whatever happens to Paige is all on Paige at this point in the game.

    • I agree. Paige has experienced and witnessed Chris’s behavior and he has treated her with the utmost disrespect. He continually manipulates and plays with her emotions and she cannot seem to see it. She buys into his manipulation each time. I can to some degree understand that Paige may have thought that Chris was a good catch for her in the looks department, the physical department, and the financial department, but he has told her over and over who and what he really is and yet she continued to walk back into his deceptions. I knew he was going to talk her into getting back with him at the end of the last episode and if he asked her back today, I do believe she would go. She wants so desperately to believe him and refuses to see him for what he is. What this says to me, is that Paige’s self-esteem is very low. She has too much to offer to be with a person like Chris. There is definitely something really wrong with his character and personality. I really feel for any woman, (no matter how much he feels she is beautiful), who gets with him. He will dog them all out.

  7. As a huge NAFS fan, Chris Williams is the worst husband ever!! He is narcissistic, immature, insecure and an outright coward! I feel bad for not only Paige and her family, but also all of the flavors being given to Dr. Pepper and the other staff and producers. People are really good at hiding who they are, but when they show you who they really are.. BELIEVE THEM AND GO FAR AWAY!! Perhaps they should match people who have been married and have a bit more experience like myself…IJS


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