Did Nicole Franzel delete her Twitter account? Big Brother winner vanishes

Nicole Thinking BB16
Nicole Franzel first appeared on Big Brother 16 before returning to win BB18. Pic credit: CBS

The Twitter page for Big Brother winner Nicole Franzel is showing off some bad news for her fans right now.

Fans following up with Nicole on Twitter are being shown a “This account doesn’t exist” message when loading up her page.

It seems that Nicole has vacated her Twitter page, with very little information being made public about why she made this decision.

Did Nicole Franzel delete her Twitter account?

Nicole recently gave her fans an update on her pregnancy and even asked for some help with what she should wear.

She and her fiancé Victor Arroyo also just revealed their wedding date. With a baby on the way and a big wedding to plan in Florida, maybe this gives some hints about why she would leave Twitter.

It’s possible that Nicole didn’t actually delete her Twitter account and that she just deactivated it for a while. Deactivating it would mean that she can return at a later date and resume with her tweeting.

Nicole still has her Instagram page up and running, which is a place where she earns money when she isn’t appearing on a reality television show.

Below is an update she just posted to Instagram with a countdown to when she and Victor will be getting married.

Nicole captioned a photo of Victor by writing, “5 weeks 5 days & 5 hours until I marry this hunk ??(just put our new wedding date in the countdown app & it said we would have been married 123 days already if we didn’t have to postpone our first date! That’s crazy)!”

Why would Nicole Franzel leave Twitter?

Being pregnant can be stressful. Planning for a wedding can also present a lot of new stressors. Combine all that with negative comments that can come from rabid fans on Twitter and something has to give. Maybe avoiding some of those comments is what Nicole and Victor are going to be doing for a while. And who could blame them?

Twitter has been a bit of a mess within the Big Brother fandom over the past week due to the long video that Da’Vonne Rogers posted online (it is linked here for anyone who missed it).

In the video, Da’Vonne spoke about her time on Big Brother 22 and spent a lot of time talking about Nicole framing her for evicting Ian Terry. David Alexander had believed Nicole’s story about it being Da’Vonne that turned on him, even though it was Nicole who voted out Ian and then lied about it.

Rather than dealing with quite a few questions and comments about the BB22 cast again, maybe Nicole felt that it was time to take a break from social media. We will know for sure whether that is the case or not if she continues sharing updates on her Instagram page in the near future.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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