Big Brother winner Nicole Franzel asks for shopping tips with new pregnancy photo

Nicole Franzel in Big Brother confessional.
Nicole Franzel returned to play Big Brother again as part of the BB22 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Nicole Franzel is asking her Big Brother fans for some help with her pregnancy wardrobe.

Taking to her Instagram page, Nicole shared a new pregnancy photo with all of her followers. She captioned it by asking for tips from people about what she should wear.

Next to an image of Nicole with “15 weeks” written on it, Nicole wrote, “& all I wanna do is sleep ?!”

She continued her Instagram note by writing, “PS moms!! Where is the best place to buy pants/shorts for pregnancy?! My jeans are no longer comfy & I’m looking for shorts for our wedding week in Florida! XOXO.”

The wedding that she is referring to is the one that will be taking place between her and Victor Arroyo. The couple recently revealed that they have a wedding coming up in order to make it official before the baby arrives.

Nicole Franzel shares new pregnancy photo

Below is the post that Nicole just made on Instagram.

It wasn’t that long ago that she and Victor shared the huge news that they are expecting a baby. According to Nicole, she got pregnant immediately after Big Brother 22 came to an end.

It looks like Nicole is going to be updating her fans with each step of her pregnancy and the fans are loving it. Just a few hours after sharing her update, she is closing in on 29,000 likes.

More Big Brother babies

Nicole isn’t the only former Big Brother houseguest expecting a baby soon.

Amanda Zuckerman from Big Brother 15 has been sharing her baby journey on social media as well. Amanda recently shared a new pregnancy photo as she and her husband prepare for the arrival of another bundle of joy.

Amanda was a member of the notorious BB15 cast that created a lot of drama for the network.

And speaking of BB15, Helen Kim, who was also a member of the cast, has been discussed a lot on fan forums in regard to how she left the show. Did she really fall off that wall or was she pushed? We took the time to examine one of the biggest Big Brother myths.

Another Big Brother wedding

And in Big Brother wedding news, Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans just revealed that they are engaged to be married. Tyler carried out an elaborate plan to propose to Angela and they just shared the entertaining video online.

We look forward to hearing about when they are planning to get married and if they might end up being in attendance at the Nicole and Victor wedding.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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