Devyn Simone reveals she was asked to appear on The Challenge: All Stars spinoff

devyn simone host of the challenge double agents aftermath
The Challenge Aftermath host Devyn Simone said she was asked to be on the All Stars spinoff. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Devyn Simone, a two-time competitor on The Challenge, has become a fan-favorite due to her TV and hosting work, including The Challenge Aftermath shows.

She has actually become so popular that fans are trying to get her to host The Challenge: All Stars reunion, as that gig for the spinoff season still appears to be up in the air.

With a petition to make that happen underway, a fan also asked Devyn about whether or not she would appear on All Stars to compete with other OG cast members.

Devyn Simone replies to fan about The Challenge: All Stars

With The Challenge: All Stars cast, there will be 22 competitors hailing from different shows across MTV’s earlier reality TV landscape. The competitors come from shows such as Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat.

Devyn Simone got her start on The Real World: Brooklyn alongside castmates, Sarah Rice, Chet Cannon, and JD Ordonez, who all appeared on multiple seasons of The Challenge.

The two-time Challenge finalist is now 33 years old, so not quite as old as some of the All Stars cast members. Many fans believe she’d make a great host for a reunion, and apparently, she was also asked to appear on the OG spinoff season.

As a petition to get Devyn as host of the All Stars reunion is ongoing, a fan asked her on Twitter, “but, would you COMPETE on all stars?”

“They asked and I thought about it but then decided against it,” Devyn replied to the fan’s tweet.

devyn simone tweet reply to fan about all stars season
Pic credit: @DevynSimone/Twitter

Based on Devyn’s age, she may still be a great fit for the regular seasons of The Challenge, and if All Stars continues on beyond a few seasons, she may be a great addition to a future cast.

That said, she may have realized it was smarter to avoid potential injuries as she continues her career in media work, such as hosting Aftermath shows and appearing on Wendy Williams’ talk show. Devyn didn’t give any specific reason why she declined to appear on All Stars though.

Petition for Devyn to host reunion is going strong

It’s already known that The Challenge: All Stars podcast and Aftermath show hosts will be the same as they were for Double Agents. That means Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira will remain hosts of the podcast. Devyn will host Aftermath episodes, presumably on YouTube.

Meanwhile, many fans were upset to learn that Devyn won’t be the host for The Challenge: Double Agents reunion when it arrives. Instead, former NFL player Terrell Davis will be working as the host with some of the cast in-person and others live via video feeds.

Since there hasn’t been an announcement about The Challenge: All Stars reunion host yet, Devyn suggested fans could start up a petition to get her to host. Fans took the idea and went with it. Recently, Devyn retweeted to let people know where the petition was in terms of signatures and to thank them for supporting her.

“You guys, we’re already at 2700 signatures!! Tamara the wig would be so proud,” she said in her tweet, referring to her wig that was famously laid to rest on The Challenge.

“I genuinely appreciate each and everyone of you who signed and shared,” she added along with a link for the petition.

As of this report, the petition at has over 3,000 signatures and continues to move towards a stated goal of 5,000 signatures. It seems even if she doesn’t compete on The Challenge anymore, fans are doing all they can to get Devyn to host what could be an epic All Stars reunion show.

The Challenge: All Stars premieres on Thursday, April 1 on Paramount Plus.

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