Devyn Simone shares how fans can help her become host of The Challenge: All Stars reunion show

devyn simone while hosting the challenge aftermath show
Devyn Simone currently hosts The Challenge Aftermath show. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

The Challenge: All Stars season has yet to begin, but fans are already looking to get their favorite Aftermath host to be the host for the All Stars reunion show.

Devyn Simone, a former Challenge competitor herself, currently hosts the Double Agents Aftermath shows, bringing viewers inside details and exclusive interviews with competitors after each episode.

While fans will get to see more of Devyn in the coming weeks, many would love to see her hosting a reunion special for the OGs. Devyn actually gave an idea of how that could happen with the fans’ help.

Devyn suggests how she can host All Stars reunion

In recent weeks, fans learned that Devyn Simone wouldn’t be the host of the reunion show for The Challenge: Double Agents. That duty went to former NFL star Terrell Davis, who also hosted the virtual Total Madness reunion last year.

With that in mind, fans are trying to lobby for Devyn to be the host of The Challenge: All Stars reunion. Many of the fans have been tweeting about it, and Devyn retweeted a few, including one below, with an idea of how she could become the host.

“This may sound crazy but I wonder if we did a petition and I took it to MTV if they would finally listen and let me host All Stars’ Reunion. I bet they would,” Devyn tweeted.

devyn simone tweets about all stars reunion
Pic credit: @DevynSimone/Twitter

Petition underway for Devyn as host?

Taking on Devyn’s suggestion, at least one petition has popped up on website. As of this report, over 100 signatures were on that petition of a required 200. That seems like a good start, and with the reunion weeks away, it could have a chance.

The 33-year-old Devyn Simone got her start on The Real World: Brooklyn before heading to The Challenge. She has done two seasons of the competitive show and now works as a host.

She first appeared on Battle of the Seasons with castmates in 2012 and reached the final, but her team didn’t win. Devyn also was a finalist on Free Agents. While not the top prize winner, she still left her two seasons with a total of $25,000 in prize money for third-place finishes.

Devyn is seen weekly on YouTube episodes of the Aftermath show asking in-depth questions of Double Agents cast members, revealing inside details, and playing trivia games. The fans have come to love her as the host there and feel she’s more than capable of hosting reunion specials.

Challenge stars back Devyn as reunion host

As seen above, that tweet from Devyn has picked up almost 1,000 Likes and 70 retweets, as well as comments from fans in support of the idea.

Not only that, but Double Agents star “Killa” Kam Williams even signed off on the petition idea in a tweet comment.

“I’d be the first to sign” The Challenge star commented, giving her approval for the idea.

kam williams supports devyn simone as all stars host
Pic credit: @iamkamiam_/Twitter

A major stamp of approval also arrived from The Challenge OG himself, Mark Long, who retweeted Devyn’s petition idea.

“We’d be THRILLED to have you,” Long tweeted with a heart emoji and The Challenge: All Stars hashtag, showing he’s fully on board with the idea.

mark long tweet about devyn simone all stars reunion
Pic credit: @TheMarkLong/Twitter

As of right now, it’s known that Devyn will host the All Stars Aftermath shows, while Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira will continue to host the Official Challenge Podcast.

Based on Devyn’s suggestion, if fans can give a petition some momentum, it seems highly possible the powers that be at MTV might give fans what they want.

The Challenge: All Stars premieres on Thursday, April 1 on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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