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Derek Xiao names best player in Big Brother 23 house, reveals his regrets in new interviews

Derek Xiao Leaves BB23
Derek Xiao was evicted from Big Brother 23 and sent to the jury house. Pic credit: CBS

Derek Xiao was evicted from the Big Brother house this week and he is now giving his exit interviews. There have been a lot of topics to touch on, including his thoughts on other houseguests, how he feels about Hannah Chaddha, and what he regrets from his time in the game.

Big Brother fans tried to help out Derek X as he was playing the game, twice sending him 100 BB Bucks as one of the top vote-getters in the America’s Vote segments. Unfortunately, he did not use any of the money he was sent, as he felt it was important to save up to play for the Coin of Destiny.

Sarah Beth Steagall saw an opening to get out a big threat to her game and she thought that by taking out Baby D that she would be in a much better place. That was some flawed thinking on her part, and it led to Janelle Pierzina saying that SB has “worms for brains” during a social media session.

With his game over, Derek has been able to speak more honestly about his time on Big Brother 23. That began with his exit interview conducted by Julie Chen Moonves, where he touched on possibly having an interest in a relationship with Hannah outside of the house.

Derek Xiao has more Big Brother exit interviews

“I think X is playing a very, very good game,” Derek said when he was asked by Us Weekly about who is playing the best game. “I think he has an amazing reputation in the house, I think he’s playing a great social game where everyone wants him in the house, just for the entertainment, and then, also, at a game level, he is not viewed as the biggest comp threat.

In the interview shared below, Derek also talks about what he could have done to change his fate, if he regrets not using his BB Bucks, and if he would play Big Brother again.

Derek Xiao’s extended Big Brother interview with Julie Chen Moonves

After the August 26 episode of Big Brother came to an end, Derek X continued his interview with host Julie Chen Moonves. He took the time to answer a lot of additional questions and he spent more than 10 minutes longer talking about his time playing Big Brother 23.

That interview is shared below, in full, and it is definitely something that his fans should check out.

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Also, it has been noted that the Big Brother producers are worried about wall yellers. There have been murmurs on social media about something happening and the producers have taken steps to make sure The Cookout doesn’t get ruined.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.