Big Brother recap: Sarah Beth makes a big move, BB23 jury gets member

Sarah Beth got to be the Head of Household for Week 7 on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 continued with a new episode on Thursday night. The Cookout may be running the game, but the Head of Household was Sarah Beth Steagall for the week. She targeted Derek Xiao and did everything she could to backdoor him and send him to the BB23 jury house.

Coming into the new episode, Derek X and Claire Rehfuss were on the block. Derek X had a Diary Room session as the new episode began where he talked about being really upset that SB was going after him.

Xavier Prather also had a DR session where he talked about being the strongest competitor in the house and that he would work hard to make sure DX went home for going after Christian Birkenberger earlier in the season.

Then, it was time to start showing some of the discussions that members of The Cookout had about possibly saving Baby D and sending Claire home instead. Xavier wanted none of that and tried hard to squash the ideas that Azah Awasum and Tiffany Mitchell were trying to manifest.

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A lot of time was spent on Tiffany talking with other members of The Cookout about how she wanted Derek X to stay in the house. She was clearly worried that she needed someone to win competitions and help protect her later on. She was displeased that Xavier and Kyland Young were getting very confident due to all of their competition wins.

Xavier begins his Big Brother punishment

As part of his punishments for winning the Power of Veto, Xavier got locked into the Have-Not Room for 24 hours by himself. It took him away from the game for a while, and it began on Wednesday night (August 25), meaning he wouldn’t get out until it was time to vote at the August 26 Eviction Ceremony.

With Xavier away for 24 hours, it opened the door for Tiffany to possibly work on saving DX again. She put in a lot of energy to try to flip the house, but it just wasn’t going to happen. Kyland was too concerned about keeping Sarah Beth happy for the week, and Derek Frazier wasn’t going to budge.

The edit for the show also suggested that DX was running around to all of the houseguests after X was gone to try to flip the vote himself.

A new member of the BB23 jury

The Big Brother 23 cast had to send either Derek Xiao or Claire Rehfuss to the jury house on Thursday night.

In order, Alyssa Lopez voted to evict Derek X, and Hannah Chaddha voted to evict Claire. It was a 1-1 vote as the commercial break hit, with the clear intent by production to build suspense about what might happen.

After the commercial, Kyland Young voted to evict Claire, Derek Frazier voted to evict Derek X, Tiffany Mitchell voted to evict Derek X, Azah Awasum voted to evict Derek X, and Xavier returned from solitary to evict Derek X.

By a vote of 5-2, Derek Xiao was evicted, and he becomes the second member of the BB23 jury.

Host Julie Chen Moonves briefly spoke with Derek X before it was time to return to the house for a really important HOH Competition. He did say that he hopes for another chance to get back in the game, but a Big Brother Battle Back may not happen.

The final nine plays a new Big Brother Head of Household Competition

The HOH Competition was based on videos that the houseguests had been watching over the past 24 hours. They then had to answer questions about those videos.

Julie also let the houseguests know that they would get extra BB Bucks based on envelopes set out. They each chose one randomly and will open them during the High Roller’s Room segment.

In the HOH Competition, Xavier, Azah, and Claire were out in the first round. Derek F and Kyland went out in round two. Alyssa and Hannah were out next. Tiffany is your new Head of Household.

There is also a bit of news outside of the Big Brother house. Producers are worried that wall yellers could impact the season. Security at the house has been increased due to rumors floating around on social media.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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