Danielle Cabral taunted for bringing back VIP charity event that caused drama on RHONJ

RHONJ's Danielle Cabral screenshot
Danielle Cabral promotes a charity event. Pic credit: Bravo

Danielle Cabral is getting dragged on social media for promoting her latest charity event.

We all know by now that the first installment wasn’t without its challenges even leading to a feud between Danielle and Jennifer Aydin.

There was also drama over the VIP section at the event after The Real Housewives of New Jersey star kicked out popular NJ hair stylist Lina Kidis.

Jennifer Aydin called out Danielle for doing that, and she also accused the mom of two of paying herself from the money raised for the charity.

Those issues caused contention between the former friends resulting in an all-out brawl, months later. However, Danielle won’t let that cast a shadow on the event.

She’s back again for round two, but the RHONJ star is doing things differently.

The 2023 charity had Jennifer, Teresa Giudice, and Dolores Catania as special guests, but they didn’t make the cut this time.

That trio has been kicked to the curb and now it’s Melissa Gorga and Rachel Fuda, who will join Danielle as special guests at the Party Like a Housewife soiree.

Danielle Cabral returns with controversial Party Like a Housewife event

Danielle is not letting the negative feedback stop her from raising funds for charity so she’s having a second staging of her controversial event.

She promoted it on Instagram sharing a poster that featured Melissa and Rachel writing, “Same Script, Different Cast! Party Like a Housewife is BACK, part two 💜.”

Danielle Cabral promotes her charity event
Danielle Cabral’s promotional poster. Pic credit: @daniellecabralofficial/Instagram

Danielle noted in her post, that the event is set for Saturday, August 24 at the Starland Ballroom and will benefit the Sunrise Day Camp — the same organization as last time.

She also noted that only “portions of proceeds” will go to the organization.

If you think last time was insane, just WAIT until you see what we have in store for you this year!” added Danielle.

RHONJ critics mock Danielle on social media

So many things happened as a result of the first event, that Danielle is getting mocked for promoting another staging.

“Is this a joke?” someone questioned. “Trying to redo the event correctly and with the housewives no one can stand. Just make sure to pay everyone this time!”

“Portions of the proceeds?? So you’re still stealing from charities? Is the other portion to pay for your time?” exclaimed someone else.

Another RHONJ viewer reiterated that sentiment noting, “A ‘portion of the proceeds?’ Someone gonna be paying herself again for her ‘time.'”

RHONJ critics bash Danielle Cabral
Many critics weigh in. Pic credit: @daniellecabralofficial/Instagram

“But are you paying your hairstylist or are you going to promise something and then kick them out of vip cuz you think you’re above them?” a commenter questioned.

“😂😂😂😂😂 what a joke!” exclaimed someone else.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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