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CT from The Challenge’s net worth: How much money does he have from the reality TV series?

chris ct tamburello of the challenge spies lies and allies
CT Tamburello appears in The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies season. Pic credit: MTV

CT Tamburello is a legend in The Challenge after originally debuting on MTV’s The Real World: Paris years ago. He’s gone on to multiple championships on the competition series, giving him some nice winnings.

The money became better as he became older and more established, as the prize purses also went up for the show.

So how much has he brought home from winning on MTV’s reality competition series, and what is CT from The Challenge’s net worth?

CT’s career resume includes four Challenge final wins

At 41 years old, The Challenge OG Chris “CT” Tamburello has appeared on MTV’s show since The Inferno season, which aired in 2004. He quickly made a name for himself, appearing in the final, but failed to be on the winning side.

He’d return for The Inferno II season and reached the final yet again, but once again failed to win as part of his team. The Good Guys team claimed that that season featuring Darrell Taylor, Jamie Chung, Landon Lueck, and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin.

Over his earlier seasons, CT let his temper get the best of him, often getting into heated altercations with castmates and even resorting to a few punches, which got him kicked off the show.

It wasn’t until his ninth season, Rivals II, that CT finally captured a win alongside teammate Wes Bergmann. As first-place winners, they split $125,000.

CT would get his second championship in 2017 on the Invasion of the Champions season. The main winners had a team bank account plus $100,000 each. Along with CT, Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell also won.

The War of the Worlds II season is starting to seem like a while ago but took place in 2019. That’s when CT was part of Team UK all season. He’d run the final and win it with fellow American Jordan Wiseley and UK teammate Rogan O’Connor and Dee Nguyen.

Season 36, Double Agents, brought CT back to the final again, where he had rookie Amber Borzotra as his capable teammate. The duo crossed the finish line ahead of runner-ups Cory Wharton and Kam Williams. That first-place finish gave CT and Amber $900,000 to split.

In addition to winning finals, he’s also finished as a runner up which gained him a bit of prize money.

What is CT from The Challenge’s net worth estimated to be?

Based on CT’s Challenge Wiki page, he’s tallied $965,000 in career winnings during his time on the show. That said, one has to account for taxes being taken out of those winnings each season.

In January of 2021, Men’s Health estimated CT’s net worth at $485,000. That was based on totaling his prize money without taxes and before his recent win on Double Agents.

A Celebrity Net Worth page indicated that CT had an estimated net worth of $800,000. However, the page appears outdated, as it also lists him as 33 years old. Even so, it seems closer to accurate based on his Double Agents winnings, unless he spent it up.

It’s possible that CT is worth close to a million dollars, depending on any savings, investments, and property he has. He also gets paid to appear on The Challenge and may have other deals where he makes a bit of money on the side.

In addition to appearing in The Challenge, CT is trying his hand at acting, appearing in the 2019 horror film Habitual and an upcoming TV series called D.O.P.E. Unit, slated for 2022. It’s unknown what he has earned for either project.

It’s likely that CT knows the official answer to his net worth and keeps that information well guarded. So, for now, speculation is all there is. Let’s just say he’s made a lucrative career out of his time on The Challenge.

With his appearance on MTV’s Spies, Lies & Allies season, he’ll once again be involved in a fierce competition to try to outlast 33 other competitors with $1 million in prize money on the line.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies premieres Wednesday, August 11 at 8/7c on MTV.

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