The Challenge’s Amber Borzotra comments on Double Agents teammates, what she learned about herself from season

the challenge star amber borzotra during double agents confessional
The Challenge’s Amber Borzotra during a confessional interview on Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

In just her first season on MTV’s The Challenge, Amber Borzotra made a name for herself by going undefeated in eliminations and surviving to the Double Agents final and winning it.

She had some help and mentoring along the way, in the form of two former winners who were her teammates at different points in the season. Amber recently responded to fans asking her thoughts on those two teammates, CT Tamburello and Darrell Taylor.

Along with that, a fan asked Amber what she learned about herself from her rookie season on MTV’s show, and she pointed out a major lesson Double Agents taught her about herself related to some of her castmates.

Amber Borzotra comments on Double Agents teammates

When the first episode of Double Agents arrived, the various competitors were competing solo in a daily challenge, and following that early battle, most cast members scrambled to pick partners.

Rookie Amber Borzotra of Big Brother fame somehow had the fortune of winding up teammates with four-time Challenge winner Darrell Taylor, who would stay her partner for most of the season until his elimination.

Amber recently gave fans the green light to ask her questions or talk to her on her Instagram Story, and one fan asked how it was to have The Challenge OG as her partner.

“Literally one of the best partners I could ever ask for. He taught me everything I needed to know about the game. Having him by my side helped me push my way to the final no matter how much pain I was in or what the game threw at me, but the one thing he helped me build was the mental strength to never give up,” Amber shared in her reply.

She praised Darrell for being “strong, smart, and passionate,” adding she was “truly blessed” to have him as her partner in her rookie season.

the challenge amber borzotra comments on darrell taylor from double agents
Pic credit: @amberborzotra/Instagram Story

Darrell deserves plenty of credit for his mentoring and helping Amber, as it helped her continue in the game and eventually reach the final. He was eliminated in Double Agents 14 by Cory Wharton, and Amber eventually wound up as partners with Kyle Christie.

She may have benefited from some serious luck as Kyle was medically disqualified ahead of the final. She became teamed up with Chris “CT” Tamburello for that Double Agents final.

They’d go on to win the season, with CT’s leadership and experience alongside Amber’s physical endurance, helping them capture the win.

A fan asked about Amber’s thoughts on having CT as her partner, and she was clearly happy to have had him as a teammate as well, as they won the final together.

“I love having him as a partner. He’s definitely motivating, passionate, and will help push you to your limits. Honestly someone I’ll always look up to!” Amber replied.

double agents star amber borzotra on ct tamburello as her teammate
Pic credit: @amberborzotra/Instagram Story

Amber learned valuable lesson about herself on Season 36

During Season 36, Amber managed to become part of a strong alliance early on in the game. She was one of several Big Brother players who were also connected with other powerful veteran stars.

However, as the season moved closer towards the final, Amber felt as if she wasn’t as important in the Big Brother alliance as she previously thought. That said, a fan asked the “number one thing” that Amber learned from Double Agents, and she said it was about speaking up and standing up for herself more often.

“I’m always the quiet, nice girl that allows people to do what they please and rewatching season 36 made me realize how others really can be. It’s not fun but at least I now know better,” Amber replied to a fan.

amber borzotra the challenge comments about season 36
Pic credit: @amberborzotra/Instagram Story

The main issues Amber had during the season related to her interactions with fellow rookies, including Amber M and Gabby Allen, who were part of an early alliance called the Itty Bitty Committee. They believed Amber was part of their alliance due to being a rookie, but things took a turn when Amber didn’t work in tandem with the other girls.

That brought Amber M to confront her, calling her a “fake b***h” during one episode. Amber M. continued to comment on her YouTube channel, where she posted recap videos for the Double Agents episodes. There also was a heated exchange between the two Ambers during the Double Agents reunion.

In addition to those issues, there was also the issue with the Big Brother alliance seeming not to place as much importance on the new rookie, and Fessy maybe not trusting her as a partner ahead of the final. However, Amber has more than proven herself now as she can call herself a Challenge champion.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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