The Challenge alum comments on Wes Bergmann blocking her after their season

the challenge war of the worlds cast members
Cast members from The Challenge: War of the Worlds season. Pic credit: MTV

While it seems like most of The Challenge cast members are on friendly terms once the show stops filming, sometimes they just don’t get along.

In other situations, cast members are baffled as to why one of their castmates might dislike them or block them out. That seems to be the case with one Challenge alum.

She recently commented about Wes Bergmann blocking her after a Challenge season they did together and said he’s “missing out.”

The Challenge alum has ‘no clue’ why Wes Bergmann blocked her

Wes Bergmann has become one of the longtime stars of MTV’s The Challenge as an established veteran competitor with two championships to his name. Oftentimes, he clashes with castmates, including rookies.

In the past, he also seemed to have a feud going with Johnny Bananas, and recently Bananas’ girlfriend, Morgan Willett, said Wes blocked her on Instagram after their season.

However, she revealed when answering fans about it on her Instagram Story that she has “no clue” why it happened.

“Guys, I’ve had people literally blowing up my DMs asking why Wes blocked me. Was not recent. This was like three years ago after our season. No clue why, but like I’m not really offended because I can’t fathom Wes is posting anything I’d be remotely interested in seeing,” Morgan shared.

“I guess he has just kept me blocked. No clue why, but Wes, you’re missing out on free workouts and awesome discount codes, bud,” she added.

In another slide from Morgan’s IG Story, she asked fans to send in their “Celebri-Tea” about various celebrity encounters. One person sent in comments about Wes, saying they met him and he was “super humble and VERY short.”

Morgan replied, saying she “literally LOLd” at that comment, as she’s been around Wes at least for that season of The Challenge.

Morgan appeared on just one season of The Challenge

Morgan, a former Big Brother star, may have been “one and done” as far as her career with The Challenge goes, as she appeared as a rookie on War of the Worlds back in 2019. That season had her partnered up with Johnny Bananas, who is now partners with her in real life.

The two often share posts on their social media, seeming to indicate their relationship is going well. Morgan, 27, seems content with her current situation in life, as does Johnny, who is involved in various projects, including NBC’s Celebrity Sleepover.

Interestingly, the ages-long feud that seemed to exist between Bananas and Wes was laid to rest during their time together on the Total Madness season. The former rivals formed a friendship and alliance, but it ultimately was broken apart when they faced one another in elimination.

Wes decided to send himself in against Bananas to try to win a Skull as part of the twist that season to make the final. However, the multiple-time champ sent him home and went on to win another final, making it his seventh.

Bananas hasn’t returned since then, with two seasons now taking place where he won’t be featured. Wes also won’t be a part of the upcoming Spies, Lies & Allies season.

Even though the two have got together in real life and had that bromance on the show, they still don’t hesitate to throw online jabs at one another whenever they can.

Quite possibly, Wes will one day unblock Morgan, especially if Johnny ends up getting serious, proposing, and inviting the “ginger” he loves to hate to his wedding.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies premieres Wednesday, August 11 at 8/7c on MTV.

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