Courtney Skippon offended by Brian de St. Pern’s joke about hooking up on Below Deck

Below deck's Courtney is at odds with Brian for his joke.
Below Deck’s Brian and Courtney did not maintain a relationship after filming. Pic credit: Bravo

Courtney Skippon has revealed she was offended by a joke Brian de St. Pern made about the two of them hooking up on Below Deck.

Brian used Instagram to remind fans of the Below Deck reunion. Although it appears he is trying to be funny in his post, the message did not come across that way to Courtney or fans.

The deckhand, once again, did not choose his words wisely, and now Brian is coming under fire for his disgusting behavior.

Brian’s Instagram post

Like many of the other Valor crew members, Brian wanted to make sure fans knew when to tune into part two of the Below Deck reunion special.

The Instagram post featured a picture of Brian and chef Kevin Dobson sitting down on the red, well rather blue carpet, either before or after filming the reunion special. They are each in their reunion outfits.

“Part 2 of the BELOW DECK S7 reunion tonight. We gotta sit down for this one. @chef_kevin_dobson Valor Crew is going out with a bang, and I’m not talking about when Courtney took me into the guest cabin! #imakejoke #calmdown #getasenseofhumor” Brian captioned the photo.

Brian attempted to let people know he was joking with his hashtags but failed miserably.

Courtney is disgusted

As fans learned last week at the Below Deck reunion special, life after the Valor has not been amicable for Courtney and Brian. She had to block him on social media because he became too aggressive when messaging her.

Now Courtney is speaking her mind after seeing Brian’s Instagram post. She shared his words on Twitter, writing “disgusting” as the caption. In the comments section, Courtney wrote, “This one upsets me” and “I hope he runs into @Lesdoggg at the Emmys.”

The latter is about a remark Leslie Jones made on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Leslie said that she hoped that Ashton Pienaar or Tanner Sterback would try to talk to her at the Emmys.

The comedian is not a fan of the male behavior on Season 7 of Below Deck and used social media to express her opinion each week.

Courtney was not the only one who was outraged at Brian’s comment. Captain Sandy responded to Courtney’s tweet with the words, “So not cool. I’m sorry.”

Below Deck fans wasted no time comparing Brian to Ashton, even saying the deckhand’s behavior was more disgusting than the bosun.

Brian de St. Pern’s joke about hooking up with Courtney Skippon did not sit well with her or fans. Whatever connection those two once had is long gone.

Below Deck reunion part two airs Monday, February 17 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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