Claire Rehfuss from Big Brother 23 names her favorite past players, talks Amazing Race with Derek Xiao

Claire And Britini BB23
Claire Rehfuss and Britini D’Angelo had some fun in the Big Brother 23 jury house. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 houseguest Claire Rehfuss took some time to answer more questions about her time in the house.

Taking part in a Reddit AMA, Claire answered a barrage of questions from Big Brother fans who wanted to know more about the BB23 cast member.

Quite a few topics got covered, including if Claire ever suspected The Cookout (she started to piece it together too late) and how she is doing in her Big Brother showmance with Derek Xiao (very well).

In regard to what an AMA is, it means “Ask Me Anything” and it opens up the interviewee to anything that the interviewers (in this case, the Big Brother fans) can think up.

Who are Claire’s favorite Big Brother houseguests from the past?

Claire has noted that she is “old school” when it comes to her favorite Big Brother players from the past. She said that her two favorites are “definitely” Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17 and Danielle Reyes from Big Brother 3 and Big Brother 7.

Claire also said that her favorite Big Brother winner is Dr. Will Kirby from BB2 and that her favorite Big Brother moment was when Marcellas Reynolds (from BB3 and BB7) was on the block, won the Power of Veto, and decided not to save himself. Marcellas then got blindsided and evicted that season.

“Asking me my favorite survivor player is like asking me to pick a favorite animal – I just can’t do it. My favorite player of all time is probably Cirie, but I love Kelly Wentworth, Tony, Jeremy, Sandra, Courtney, etc,” Claire responded to a question about her favorite players on Survivor.

Could Claire Rehfuss and Derek Xiao play on The Amazing Race together?

Several Big Brother fans asked Claire Rehfuss if she and her boyfriend Derek Xiao would want to play on a season of The Amazing Race. This is something that a number of fans have mentioned before, as they seem like a couple that would be fun to watch on the show.

“At the moment neither of us can drive stick lol so even if we were on I’d be worried,” Claire answered the first time she was asked.

“Derek and I literally can’t drive stick, so I’d be concerned if we were on it. That said, I would love to do it!!” Claire wrote when she was asked about it another time.

It sounds like Claire and Derek X have some studying to do when it comes to driving, and maybe if they take any more trips in the near future, they should visit Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, who started out as a Big Brother showmance and then won a season of The Amazing Race.

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