Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss are dating after Big Brother 23

Derek And Claire BB23 House
Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss met inside the Big Brother house during Summer 2021. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 houseguests Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss are dating.

The Big Brother showmance just revealed the shocking news, as Derek X thanked the rest of the BB23 cast for helping keep it a secret for a while.

For much of the season, many Big Brother fans had been hoping to see Hannah Chaddha and Derek X emerge from the Big Brother house as a couple, making this news even more shocking.

While inside of the house, they seemed to have great chemistry, as seen when they were hanging out in the backyard in the photo above. But it didn’t seem like their friendship was heading toward romantic territory.

“Coming out of the Big Brother house has been overwhelming, but I’m so lucky to have had Queen Claire by my side making me smile and laugh everyday ❤️ I’m so excited to see what’s next for us,” Derek shared as the caption of a beautiful Instagram photo of himself and Claire

Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss announce that they are a couple

“Shoutout to all my fellow houseguests for helping us keep one last secret ??,” Derek started out the caption for a huge announcement he was making on social media.

A Big Brother showmance ready to take on the world

Regarding the late-night chats and goofing around sessions that we could see Derek and Claire take part in on the Big Brother live feeds, Claire explained that there was more going on than just what we saw on the cameras.

“I think that we both really felt the chemistry once we got to jury house and could really connect with each other. We would stay up late talking every single night and we just really developed a bond,” Claire told Us Weekly about their time together this summer.

“I knew from week one that Claire was my type. I guess I just never let myself explore that beyond just a friendship. I mean, you saw what happened to Alyssa [Lopez] and Christian [Birkenberger] week one. For me, despite getting taken out very early on (laughs), I did want to win that game. … I knew that if I let myself, I would just fall for Claire in the house,” Derek elaborated for the interview.

During the Big Brother 23 season, Claire Rehfuss finished in eighth place and Derek Xiao came in 10th place. It was Xavier Prather who was named the Big Brother 23 winner.

Later this fall, Xavier will appear on The Bold and the Beautiful to capitalize a bit off of his newly found Big Brother fame.

Since getting evicted from the Big Brother house, Claire and Derek X have each stated they want to play the game again. That would be really interesting to see, especially with how well Derek X was playing Big Brother until he ran into The Cookout alliance.

As for what Claire and Derek X will be up to in the real world, it will be a lot of fun keeping up with their relationship.

“I feel like I know Claire better than I know a lot of my best friends,” Derek X said lovingly about the other half of the new Big Brother showmance.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS during Winter 2022.

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irrelevant spineless stooges. yep, they are a perfect match!