Big Brother 23 winner Xavier Prather to appear on The Bold and the Beautiful

Xavier Prather After BB23
Xavier Prather was the Big Brother 23 winner during the Summer 2021 season. Pic credit: Francis Specker/CBS

Big Brother 23 winner Xavier Prather had contemplated what he might do when he left the house and we have one answer.

Xavier is now set to appear on the CBS soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. It is a familiar occurrence for Big Brother houseguests to appear on the show and he will be the latest cast member to make that jump.

There may end up being more people from BB23 showing up on The Bold and the Beautiful, but it is Xavier who got the first announcement.

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Now we wonder if he will end up playing a bartender or a lawyer to mirror what he does in real life.

When will Xavier be on The Bold and the Beautiful?

According to CBS, Xaiver is slated to appear on two episodes of the soap. Those episodes will fall on November 8 and November 10.

“Are you wanting more Xavier?! Well, you’re in luck! #BBXavier will be on @BandB_CBS on November 8th & 10th! For now, here are some sneak peek photos of him on the set! #23,” reads a post on the Big Brother Twitter page.

Some more news about Big Brother 23

A feud is taking place between Derek Frazier and Whitney Williams from the BB23 cast. It has been playing out on social media after the season came to an end.

And speaking of Derek Frazier, he called the members of the BB23 jury “jealous” based on what he saw during the finale.

Big Brother 23 | Big D's Worst Workout Injury | Live Feed Highlight | Paramount+

More Big Brother to come very soon

During the BB23 season finale, host Julie Chen Moonves announced that Big Brother 24 will take place next summer. Applications are already open and Big Brother fans who think they have what it takes to compete on the show can now submit one.

The renewal comes based on the final Big Brother 23 ratings for Summer 2021, which were still pretty good, even though the numbers weren’t as good as previous seasons.

While we wait for the BB24 cast to get announced, a new season of Celebrity Big Brother is going to arrive this winter. The early indications are that it will begin in February 2022 and that it will feature a brand new cast of celebrities.

We definitely expect there to be even more rumors about who will play the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition, but a few names have already been mentioned.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS in Winter 2022.

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2 years ago

Thats just great, rewarding racism. Way to go CBS! NGFYS

2 years ago

Theres a reason not to tune in to B&B and possibly big brother itself ever again especially a all stars cast with any of the “chosen” ones in it.