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Big Brother 23 runner-up Derek Frazier says jury was ‘jealous’ of him and that Azah slept too much

Derek Frazier BB23 Smile
Derek Frazier finished in second place as a member of the Big Brother 23 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 crowned its winner recently, with Xavier Prather taking home the first-place prize.

Runner-up Derek Frazier received a nice $75,000 for finishing in second, but some of his expressions during the finale suggested that he thought he might win.

The always animated son of boxer Joe Frazier used the final two weeks of the Big Brother 2021 season to tell everyone who would listen that he felt he had one of the best resumes of the summer.

Now that he is outside of the Big Brother house, Derek F has been sharing more of his thoughts about the season. And one of those thoughts was how he feels the BB23 jury was “jealous” of him.

Derek Frazier reacts to losing 9-0 to Xavier Prather

“Xavier definitely did earn it, I’m not taking that from him. I did my portion. I think the problem was you had jury members that I felt were jealous because they didn’t want to give me credit for things that I did because a lot of the things I did was behind the scenes,” Derek said in a new interview for EW.

“A lot of things executed, a lot of people going home and to the jury would have never happened if I didn’t do the things that were supposed to be done,” Derek went on to say.

Derek also addressed his relationship with Azah Awasum to EW

As Big Brother fans saw on the live feeds during the final weeks of the season, Derek and Azah Awasum had quite a few conversations where they compared resumes. They each argued that they had played a better game than the other one, with Derek frequently stating that he “carried” Azah to the end. It was a theme that continued when he was answering questions about their relationship.

“The fact that Azah was willing towards the end to tell me that she’s not going to vote for me after me saving her, after me protecting her, telling people, ‘Hey, I’ll go up as a pawn instead of Azah?’ There were so many things I was doing behind the scenes that maybe I should have listed them out because it sounds like me not listing it out, she missed it,” Derek said when he was asked about why he had said he didn’t want Azah’s vote on finale night.

“And I felt like because she was sleeping half of the time that she wasn’t able to catch on to everything. So, for me, like I said, I would say first to four weeks or five weeks, I felt like me and Xavier were putting in a lot of work. And Kyland was too, but Kyland wasn’t a part of me and Xavier at that point,” Derek later added as he accused Azah of being the one who slept a lot this season.

Those statements that Derek made should come with a video clip next to them highlighting all of the times that he was dozing off during the summer months.

For Big Brother fans who haven’t heard yet, Derek Frazier wants to play Big Brother again. He might have to wait a while, though, because it looks like the Big Brother 24 cast will be comprised entirely of new people.

Celebrity Big Brother returns to CBS in February 2022.

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