Chrishell Stause met Christine Quinn’s son — Is the Selling Sunset feud over?

Selling Sunset's Chrishell Stause finally met Christine Quinn's baby boy.
Chrishell addresses her feud with Christine after meeting baby Christian Pic credit: Netflix

Chrishell Stause has met Christine Quinn’s son and now some fans wonder if the Selling Sunset feud is over.

It’s no secret that Christine and Chrishell have never been the best of friends. They are more like frenemies who work together.

No, the drama isn’t just for TV either.

The Selling Sunset beauties have had their fair share of heated exchanges off-screen via social media and the press. Chrishell even blasted Christine for sharing false information about her divorce from Justin Hartley last summer.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Christine and Chrishell haven’t seen each other too much. Plus, Christine has been busy enjoying family time with her husband Christian Richard and baby Christian.

So, has time apart put an end to Chrishell and Christine’s Selling Sunset feud?

Chrishell meets Christine’s son

Selling Sunset Season 4 filming has been in full swing for a couple of weeks. The news means Christine and Chrishell have been back in The Oppenheim Group offices at the same time.

One of those times, Christine brought her son into the office.

“She did bring her baby into the office. And so it was really great to get to meet him. He was so cute,” Chrishell spilled to Us Weekly.

Despite social media haters saying otherwise, the Days of our Lives alum did send Christine a baby gift when Christian was born.

“There was a bunch of stuff. The onesies and the bottles. I wasn’t reinventing the wheel or anything, but it was sent. There’s drama with the show, but sometimes people try and create drama where there isn’t any, and we have enough as it is. So, I just try to at least squash it when that wasn’t a thing,” Chrishell expressed to the weekly magazine.

Is Christine and Chrishell’s Selling Sunset feud over?

Although Chrishell did meet Christine’s son, they have not squashed their feud. However, the two ladies are also not looking to have an all-out war on reality television or in the office.

“I don’t think it’s a secret, you know, we’re not friends. But I think the goal is to be able to be coworkers,” Chrishell dished.

They don’t need to be friends or even like each other, but they need to coexist for business and reality television. No, that doesn’t mean Selling Sunset viewers will see Christine and Chrishell playing nice with each other.

Fans can expect some drama to go down between Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn on Selling Sunset. They have learned to coexist at work; however, their feud is as real as ever.

Selling Sunset is currently on hiatus on Netflix.

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