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Chris Lopez’s dad is a doting grandpa, proud of Lux and Creed and even shares pictures of Kail Lowry

Kailyn Lowry on Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV
Kailyn Lowry on Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry may not be thrilled with baby daddy Chris Lopez’s commitment to his kids, but Chris’ dad is certainly an involved grandpa.

The proud grandfather, who goes by “Coach Busta” on Instagram, posts frequently about his grandsons. His page is full of photos of Lux growing up, and he’s posted quite a few pictures of Creed since he was born just two weeks ago.

Chris and Kail haven’t always gotten along

Coach Busta’s son Chris hasn’t always had the greatest relationship with Kailyn. The two have been off-and-on for years, and Kailyn even publicly threatened to not allow Chris in the room for Creed’s birth.

Coach Busta, however, appears to not let the couples’ drama get in the way of his relationship with his grandsons. Since Creed was born, he’s posted pictures of the new baby with Lux and even the photo that Kail posted announcing Creed’s name.

THANK U CHRIS & KAIL!!!!!!!” Coach Busta captioned a sweet photo of his new grandson.

Chris Lopez's dad's post celebrating his new grandson. Pic credit: @bustaloper4 / Instagram
Chris Lopez’s dad’s post celebrating his new grandson. Pic credit: @bustaloper4 / Instagram

The proud grandpa also put up comparison photos of Chris and Lux as babies, and the resemblance between the two is uncanny.

Coach Busta compares baby Chris and baby Lux. Pic credit: @bustaloper4 / Instagram
Coach Busta compares baby Chris and baby Lux. Pic credit: @bustaloper4 / Instagram

Teen Mom 2 fans congratulate the grandpa

Teen Mom 2 fans took to Coach Busta’s page to congratulate him on becoming a grandfather for the second time.

“Oh my. Handsome boys. Beautiful picture! Lux is Gonna be a Great big brother!” one fan commented.

“Perfect mix of Chris and Kail 😍😍😍” wrote another.

Coach Busta agreed with the second commenter and often responds to fan comments. He also answers fan questions.

“Do you at least get to see him on his birthday?” a curious fan asked on a photo from Lux’s third birthday party last week.

“not with COVID-19 😷” he replied. 

For her part, Kail has kept fans up to date on the goings-on at her home. She recently shared an adorable family photo of all four of her boys together and has been sharing photos from her home birth on her stories.

She’s had a very busy few weeks- between welcoming Creed, making his birth announcement, throwing Lux a third birthday party, and fending off criticism from haters, it’s amazing the single mom has been able to find time to keep updating fans!

Teen Mom 2 returns to MTV on September 10. 

Meredith Testa

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