Chris Lopez speaks out after Teen Mom 2 fans claim Kailyn Lowry’s baby Creed is not his child

Chris Lopez Creed
Chris Lopez slammed fans that think that baby Creed is not his baby with Kailyn Lowry. Pic credit: @teenmomtalktmt and @kaillowry/Instagram

Kailyn recently revealed the baby’s name. His name is Creed Romello and she shared a photo of herself holding him.

In the photo, his skin looks pretty light. Kailyn and Chris also share three-year-old Lux and his skin is fairly dark.

Lux and Creed are brothers but look different so far

The two are biological brothers but look nothing alike so far. Fans quickly noticed and pointed it out in the comments section.

After seeing a lot of the comments, Chris decided to do an Instagram Live and answer fan questions. At the time of the Instagram Live, he said that Creed was only ten days old.

Newborns can have an unusual appearance after being in the womb for so long. It is likely that his skin and eyes will get darker with age.

He slammed fans that are already judging his name and his appearance. He likened the comments to bullying a newborn baby.

Chris did confirm that Creed’s eyes are light, but they may get darker. Most newborns are born with light eyes.

Chris also said that fans who are judging must be miserable with their own lives to care about such a thing.

Lux and Creed brothers Kailyn Lowry Chris Lopez kids
Lux and Creed are brothers. Pic credit: @teenmomtalktmt/Instagram

Kailyn also addressed the elephant in the room. She shared her response to one of the comments and told a fan they could pay for the paternity test if they would like proof.

Kailyn also said that the baby’s father is Chris

Chris also addressed Kailyn and fans’ allegations that he is not very involved in his sons’ lives. He said that fans don’t know anything about the situation and that he is involved.

Kailyn recently spoke out and said that she has Lux 99.9 percent of the time, so it doesn’t sound like Chris is very involved. However, he did say he has met his newborn.

So far, Kailyn has not responded to Chris’ Instagram Live, but if we know Kailyn, she definitely will at some point. This is especially true if he is lying about anything.

What do you think about this situation?

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