Kailyn Lowry admits her ‘stupidity’ and says that Chris Lopez was never going to commit

Kailyn Lowry nude maternity photo leaked, Teen Mom 2 star begs blogs not to post
A new nude maternity photo of Kailyn Lowry just leaked. Pic credit: MTV

Kailyn Lowry is currently pregnant with her second child by Chris Lopez, something that many Teen Mom 2 fans have ridiculed her for.

Now, even Kail is admitting her “stupidity” in continuing to have a relationship with baby daddy number three.

The Teen Mom 2 star’s admission came in the comments on Instagram after a Teen Mom fan account posted screenshots from a conversation where someone commented that Kail would be a great come-up for Chris and questioned why he wouldn’t just step up since she has two kids with him already.

However, Kail knew exactly why Chris wasn’t trying to settle down and even said as much in the comments.

Kail Lowry chimes in

As Teen Mom fans weighed in on Chris Lopez’s bad decisions, it’s pretty clear that Kail Lowry is tired of hearing about it all. She knows Chris is never going to settle down, at least not with her. It seems that the Teen Mom 2 star has accepted that she will be a single mom of four kids now but that hasn’t really slowed her down.

She wrote, “I accept my stupidity here. But as well all know someone who doesn’t want to commit doesn’t commit, lol. I had to separate the words with the actions. It took me a while… can y’all let it go now.”

Kail Lowry responds to a fan Instagram account
Kail Lowry responds to a fan Instagram account. Pic credit: @teenmomshaderoom_/Instagram

Is Kail already planning baby number five?

Those who thought Kail might stop having kids after she has this baby are wrong.

She hasn’t even given birth to baby number four yet, which we already know is another boy, but she’s already looking ahead and talking about having another baby.

The pregnant Teen Mom 2 star recently posted a new baby bump photo, which was way less weird than the last one but was connected to one of those #LinkInBio clickbait articles that the MTV stars are becoming known for.

In it, she exclaimed that she was “having a girl”. Now, we already know that Kail is pregnant with another boy — but she has spent years wishing for a baby girl.

The linked story revealed that she is planning to get pregnant with one next, and has been talking to the doctor about gender selection to make sure it happens.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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