Teen Mom 2 fans stunned by Kailyn Lowry’s ‘weird’ maternity photo

Kail Lowry shares a surprising new maternity photo
Kail Lowry’s maternity shoot has some Teen Mom 2 fans wondering why so weird? Pic credit: MTV

At this point, seemingly everyone knows that Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with baby number four but no one saw this maternity photo coming.

On Sunday, Kail took to Instagram with a new picture that has many who have seen it absolutely stunned. In it, she’s posing nude with nothing but a pair of boots on while cradling her growing baby bump. That alone isn’t really shocking, especially for Kail.

The nude Kail Lowry maternity photo is taken from the inside of a barn while posing next to a small horse. It’s not clear what inspired this pregnancy photo idea.

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So far, the reactions to Kail’s social media share have been priceless.

Kail poses nude alongside a horse for maternity pictures

Kail didn’t share an elaborate caption for her unique maternity photo.

Instead, she just made sure to let us know it was taken in Iceland, where she went on a recent trip.

You don’t even have to look far to see just how surprising the photo was for everyone.

“This is 100% weird as hell,” one commenter wrote.

Another said, “some stuff should be kept private.”

Yet another commenter said, “I never comment much but for the love of god wtf is this??”

Kail must have thought twice about sharing the weird horse maternity photo, because just two hours after posting it, the picture has disappeared.

Is Kail Lowry trolling us?

Kail took down the horse maternity photo just as quickly as she put it up. So clearly, she does care what people think and that a number of people thought it was weird AF.

It’s no secret that she’s been really getting a lot of hate lately. The Teen Mom 2 star has said as much, claiming that people have just been downright nasty after learning that she was expecting another child with not her boyfriend Chris Lopez.

Even before Kail’s surprise baby announcement, rumors of her pregnancy were everywhere. There was even photo proof that caused quite the nail controversy after Chris’ aunt reportedly leaked the baby news before Kail had a chance.

It’s not easy being pregnant and a single parent of three boys. So to top that with the whole world watching and judging… that’s rough. Hopefully, she’s not too broken up over the response to those risque maternity photos. Certainly, there are more pictures to share.

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