Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry says she’s received a lot of hate on social media over pregnancy

Kailyn Lowry
Kailyn Lowry reveals she’s received a lot of hate. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry announced she was pregnant with her fourth child earlier this month.

While she didn’t offer too many details about who the father was, she did reveal that she struggled with extreme pregnancy anxiety.

But along with the anxiety, Kailyn is also dealing with hate from Teen Mom 2 fans.

On Twitter, she opened up about how people have treated her after announcing she’s pregnant again.

Kailyn Lowry doesn’t understand why people hate her

On Twitter, she revealed that she’d received a lot of hate from people, and she doesn’t understand why.

She also explained that it was on another level, meaning it was downright unbelievable.

When one person advised her to block those people, Kailyn replied that she did block those people, but that they continued to pop up because there were simply so many of them.

When one person wrote to Kailyn, asking if she had ever paused to wonder why people hated her, she revealed that she didn’t really care why.

She then added that just because people don’t like her doesn’t mean that they have to tag her in every single opinion and hateful comment they write.

At times, Kailyn will respond to some haters, but it sounds like she just blocks many of them.

Kailyn Lowry’s relationship with Chris Lopez remains up in the air

Kailyn hasn’t dished the details about her relationship with Chris Lopez, or why she was still hooking up with him after they supposedly weren’t really speaking.

Lowry recently took aim at Chris on Twitter, revealing that he had done next to nothing for his current son, Lux. She revealed that he hadn’t even gotten him diapers, wipes, or clothes throughout his two years of life.

Since the two didn’t always have the best relationship, Kailyn and Chris did get into arguments that resulted in him having a no-contact order with her.

All of this has yet to play out on Teen Mom 2 if Kailyn chooses to discuss it.

Just a week ago, Kailyn revealed, along with sources, that there was no chance of reconciliation with Chris. Even though she’s going to have his child again, she’s ready to do it by herself.

She hasn’t dished any details on Chris. She hasn’t even confirmed that he is the father. Instead, she has excluded him from all of her pregnancy posts.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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