Kailyn Lowry takes aim at Chris Lopez with shady tweet, Twitter strikes back

Kailyn Lowry at the Teen Mom 2 reunion
Kailyn Lowry tried to throw shade at Chris Lopez but it backfired. Pic credit: MTV

Kailyn Lowry recently confirmed that she is pregnant with baby number four, something that shocked Teen Mom 2 fans.

The Teen Mom 2 rumor mill was churning in overtime as many couldn’t believe that Kail was single and pregnant again, and to make matters worse, Chris Lopez is the reported father of this fourth baby. He is also the father of Lux.

Not long after, it became clear that the baby daddy is Chris Lopez when he seemingly confirmed that on social media.

Kail and Chris are not on good terms

It probably wasn’t the best choice for Kail to get pregnant again with a baby by Chris. Especially knowing that there is a restraining order in place to keep Chris away from Kail.

Reportedly, Chris already violated that restraining order, though Kail never explained why it is in place.

What we do know, though, is that Kail and Chris aren’t together. She will be raising this child on her own, just like her other three boys, Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux.

Kail throws shade at Chris, the internet hurls it back

And now, the Teen Mom 2 star has taken a shot at the father of half of her children on Twitter only to have it backfire right in her face.

It all started when Kail tweeted, “Imagine not doing s**t for your child & getting their name tattooed on your face in 2020.”

Kail has been making a lot of jokes about face tattoos ever since Amber Rose got one, even telling her Teen Mom 2 fans that she wanted to get her kids’ initials tattooed across her forehead.

There were the usual replies from those Twitter trolls who continuously bring up the whole vaccine controversy, but it was another comment that had many chuckling.

“Imagine getting pregnant from someone like that, not once but twice lmao,” one of Kail’s followers wrote.

Another wrote, “Wow, that’s crazy. Almost as unimaginable as someone having a second child with someone who’s a deadbeat to their first child.”

Both shady comments racked up quite a few likes, with the first accruing more than 1,400 likes alone.

Of course, there were plenty of Teen Mom 2 fans weighing in to defend Kail, too. Some of them pointed out that Kail can afford all of her kids, and therefore, it was none of our business.

Others were quick to remind everyone that Kail wanted another baby anyway, and if she had a fourth baby daddy, they would be just as nasty or worse.

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