Biniyam surprised Ariela by sacrificing a sheep and 90 Day Fiance viewers are horrified

Ariela Weinberg gets emotional when Biniyam Shibre sacrifices a sheep in her honor.
Ariela Weinberg gets emotional when Biniyam Shibre sacrifices a sheep in her honor on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans have watched Ariela Weinberg become more and more overwhelmed as she tries to adapt to life in Ethiopia with Biniyam Shibre.

The couple just welcomed their little boy, Aviel, via emergency c-section, and the experience was traumatizing for Ariela.

Well, now that Aviel has been born, the couple is surrounded by Biniyam’s family and friends. And while they’re all there to celebrate and support the newborn, what Biniyam didn’t tell Ariela was that his culture has a custom when welcoming home a new baby.

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They slaughter a sheep.

Ariela emotionally cannot handle the slaughtering

During the scene, Ariela and Biniyam stand and watch as a sheep is slaughtered in front of them.

“Ari is a bit surprised because I didn’t tell her,” says Biniyam. “We slaughter a sheep as a welcome.”

Immediately it becomes clear that this is not something that Ariela can emotionally handle.

“This is not what I wanted to see right now,” she said as she covered her eyes.

Biniyam explains to producers that this is a family custom that has been passed down through the generations.

“I’m literally at a loss for words,” Ariela explains. “In the U.S. I feel like people might send a fruit basket. They wouldn’t kill the sheep right in front of me.”

Biniyam then attempts to comfort Ariela and explain that this slaughter is an act of love.

“It’s culture, like, for God sacrifice something,” Biniyam tries to explain. “For your happiness.”

He then continues to explain that the reason they do this is to welcome the baby and celebrate Ariela bringing life into the world. He says that the sheep will then be barbequed and used so the group can share a meal together.

“It just feels awful,” says Ariela through her tears. “I know you don’t’ think it’s a bad thing but I don’t want to see it die.”

Clearly overwhelmed by the experience, Ariela cries and says, “Now I am responsible for sheep slaughter.”

Ariela’s traumatic birth experience didn’t help her emotional state

From the moment Ariela touched down in Ethiopia, fans have witnessed her difficulty in adapting to the culture.

From the state of Ethiopian apartment complexes to the safety of their son on the way home from the hospital. It hasn’t been easy for her.

The birth of their son was overwhelming for Ariela. During a doctor’s visit, Ariela was told that their baby would be born that same day via c-section.

This essentially gave Ariela no time to prepare herself. And this became highly evident as the doctors and nurses attempted to prep her for the surgery.

She broke down in tears and cried that she wasn’t ready. Unable to keep her composure, the medical team was forced to give her general anesthesia instead of the isolated epidural.

This meant that she was unconscious during the actual birth and later woke up to find her new baby breastfeeding on her chest.

In addition to that, since the baby was born so quickly that meant that her mom and family weren’t able to make it to Ethiopia in time to see the baby be born.

This was hard for Ariela because she had a tough time watching her mom board the plane back to the U.S. when she initially came to visit.

It’s obvious that Ariela could have used the support. And while Biniyam seems to be doing his best to support her, Ariela may become inconsolable.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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3 years ago

Horrified??? Try researching the customs of this country before judging him!! This was to THANK this ungrateful spoiled entitled brat, for giving him a kid! Yes it’s gross and disgusting to Americans, however, they are in HIS COUNTRY… get over it!