Big Brother winner Josh Martinez puts Derek Frazier in his place during new feud

Josh Martinez On The Challenge
Josh Martinez won Big Brother 19 and then started appearing on The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez isn’t having it when it comes to Big Brother 23 houseguest Derek Frazier.

Since leaving the Big Brother house this summer, Derek has been involved in quite a bit of social media drama, including an ongoing feud he has with Whitney Williams about how he treats women.

A number of Big Brother fans have also gone after Derek on social media, leading to Derek recently saying he apologized to the women of color who were on the BB23 cast.

It didn’t help when Derek claimed the BB23 jury was “jealous” of him this summer, either.

And now, Derek has tried to start in on Josh Martinez, who has found a lot of fame on The Challenge for MTV in the time since he won BB19.

Josh Martinez vs Derek Frazier on social media

“@JOSHMBB19 watching you on the challenge is a joke. You’ve talked about me, but you are all talk. I would love to do a hall brawl against you,” Derek posted on Twitter while trying to draw Josh out.

“Lol Derek you t talked about me all szn and the fans would tag me. This attempt hasn’t worked in the past it won’t get you cast sorry. But wishing you all the best bro,” Josh responded back to Derek when he saw the message later that morning.

The term “hall brawl” that Derek used in his taunt of Josh is a competition that gets played on The Challenge. It was an obvious attempt by Derek to show that he has a lot of confidence in how well he could do on The Challenge if MTV were to invite him on as a cast member.

But with how badly Derek performed during a full summer of Big Brother challenges, he doesn’t have a very good track record to speak about.

Below is a video of what the Hall Brawl looks like on The Challenge and how intense some of them have been over the years.

More Big Brother coming to CBS very soon

While Big Brother fans wait to find out who is going to be playing on the BB24 cast next summer, CBS dropped some great news about what will be taking place this winter.

CBS ordered up a new season of Celebrity Big Brother, with the intent to again bridge the gap between summer seasons of the hit reality competition show. The Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast will begin playing the game in February 2022.

It will be very interesting to see which celebrities the network can convince to play the game this time around.

And for anyone who is interested in possibly playing Big Brother 24 during Summer 2022, applications are already open. It looks like it will be another season with only new houseguests, so a lot of Big Brother fans could get a shot to play the game.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS in Winter 2022.

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1 year ago

Josh Martinez is yet another d-bag of the uttermost degree that has done nothing but contributed to the downfall of american society (as if). both of these racist clowns can gfys.