Big Brother winner Jackson Michie’s relationship over with Morgan Simianer

Jackson BB21 Photo
Jackson Michie was a polarizing figure on the BB21 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Jackson Michie, who won Big Brother 21, had been in a relationship with Cheer star Morgan Simianer.

According to a source close to Simianer, that relationship has come to an end. A report from E! News has relayed that information, which might finally bring an end to the cryptic TikTok posts the pair have become known for on social media.

It was through TikTok videos that a relationship between Michie and Simianer first popped up. They kept dropping hints about dating, appeared in videos together, and sang songs about being in a relationship together. For a very long time that continued, without either one officially stating that they were dating.

Many Big Brother fans felt that it was a bit of a stunt in order for Michie to get a positive spin after a really rough season of Big Brother 21. Though he left the show as the BB21 winner and took home the $500,000 prize, he wasn’t well-liked by the fan base.

Recently, Michie also stated that he entered the Big Brother house as a drug addict.

Jackson Michie and Morgan Simianer appear done

Social media posts talking about former relationships and subtle hints have been posted by both Jackson Michie and Morgan Simianer this week on social media. That, coupled with the report from E! News stating that they are done, seems to put a period at the end of this particular relationship.

Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, and a BB21 showmance

For Big Brother fans wondering what happened with the showmance between Jackson Michie and Holly Allen after the couple tried to take their relationship into the real world. They hung out with friends a lot, visited family members, and even went on trips together. The relationship came to an end last summer, though, shortly before the Big Brother 22 cast started playing the game.

Following their relationship ending, Allen went on social media to state that she may not have dated Michie had she been warned about him. That led to a quick response from Kat Dunn — Kat was also on the Big Brother 21 cast with them — who provided video evidence that she had warned Allen about Michie.

Big Brother 23 on the horizon

A new season of Big Brother will air on CBS this summer. The team is hard at work putting together the BB23 cast and it won’t be too much longer until we start learning those names. The early expectation is that the summer 2021 season will begin in June.

If anyone still wants to apply to be on BB23 and compete for that $500,000 prize, applications are still open online.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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