Jackson Michie reveals he was a drug addict before Big Brother 21

Jackson Michie BB21
Jackson Michie was a part of the BB21 cast during summer 2019. Pic credit: CBS

Jackson Michie, who won Big Brother 21, has been sharing a lot of things on social media lately.

This weekend, Jackson uploaded a video to his TikTok page where he talked about his struggles with addiction and that he had a severe blood clot shortly before he joined the BB21 cast.

The video has a lot of fans buzzing on social media, especially due to how much he revealed in the clip. It also led to some questions about the casting process and just how he was able to make it on the show with all of those problems.

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Some fans have even suggested that the revelations that Jackson made contributed to the decision by Robyn Kass to quit as the casting director of Big Brother. She did leave the show, but any link to that having to do with Jackson’s video is just online gossip at this point.

Jackson Michie shares his drug addictions

“Before going into Big Brother, I was addicted to Xanax – struggled with Adderall and cocaine,” Jackson states in the video.

“And I took my last Xanax less than two days prior to moving into the show,” Jackson continued.

He goes on to say that he went through rehab and post-surgery recovery on national television while competing against 15 other people and ultimately winning the $500,000 prize that came along with it.

The full TikTok video can be seen below. It begins with a clip of a man asking people to share their craziest story and flows into Jackson showing a picture of when he went through a severe blood clot. He then speaks directly to the camera while talking about his struggles with drugs and how he was going through withdrawal while on Big Brother 21.


#stitch with @abrahampiper my most terrifying post yet ??. I hid addiction from the world, won the show, and won back my life. Proudly drug free ?

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This isn’t exactly a good look for Big Brother, especially since it is just the latest bad press that Jackson Michie has brought to the reality competition show. It’s unclear why he chose this moment to reveal this information on a public platform, but he told his truth.

Very recently, Holly Allen, who was in a showmance with Jackson during the filming of BB21, posted on social media where she hinted that nobody had ever warned her about Jackson. Kat Dunn, who was also on the BB21 cast, called her out and shared a video where she had warned Holly.

Big Brother 23 coming soon

Despite all of the bumps that Big Brother 21 and then Big Brother All-Stars 2 went through, CBS is pushing ahead full speed with a 2021 summer season of the show.

For anyone who thinks they would enjoy playing a season of Big Brother, applications are currently open for potential BB23 cast members.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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