Big Brother: Kat Dunn shades Holly Allen over Jackson Michie romance

Kat BB21 Jury
Kathryn Dunn played on the Big Brother 21 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Some Big Brother drama has surfaced during the offseason, with Kathryn Dunn shading Holly Allen over some comments she made about her relationship with Jackson Michie.

The trio was all part of the BB21 cast that played the game in summer 2019. Jackson became the Big Brother 21 winner when the jury picked him over Holly Allen.

For most of the season, Holly and Jackson were involved in a public showmance that helped both of them get deeper in the game. It was the first time that a showmance had made it all the way to the final two on the reality competition show.

In case some viewers have forgotten, Kat hooked up with Jackson first. It took place during filming, but back before the first episode of BB21 aired on CBS. It definitely led to some drama that took place later on the show and online once their season was over.

The drama has surfaced again.

Holly Allen posts about Jackson Michie on social media

As we recently reported, Jackson has been seen a lot with Cheer actress Morgan Simianer. It led to a lot of dating rumors, with many former houseguests and fans of the show convinced that they are a new couple.

A fan asked Holly about Jackson dating Morgan as she was having a recent chat session on social media. That post is shared below, with the user asking, “What do you think of [Jackson] dating [Morgan].”

In place of the names, the person used a clown image for Jackson and a cheer squad megaphone for Morgan.

Holly responded by writing, “If somebody warned me to stay away, would I have listened? idk. I shall pray for her, as I have prayed for the many many other girls these past few months.”

Jackson ⛔️ warning ⛔️ that we all knew about from r/BigBrother

Kat shades Holly for her fakeish answer

As many fans already knew, and Kat was quick to point out, Holly was warned, more than once, about Jackson. It was something that was addressed on the live feeds and something that Kat definitely brought up when she saw what Holly had written.

Kat wrote, “‘If somebody warned me to stay away, would I have listened?’ No bitch, you didn’t.”

She then posted a Twitter link that we have shared below. It is a video of Kat warning Holly about Jackson. It’s when Kat tried to save her friendship with Holly, only to have Holly say she was completely wrong about it. The live feeds ended up getting cut off as Holly got heated.

The video also has a lot of NSFW language from Holly, so be aware of that when viewing.

Big Brother 23 coming soon

The new season of Big Brother is being worked on with the intent of it airing in summer 2021. Applications are still open for people hoping to become members of the BB23 cast.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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