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Big Brother vets Da’Vonne Rogers, Danielle Reyes take social media breaks, start Survivor rumors

DaVonne BB22 Cast Jury
Da’Vonne Rogers from Big Brother announced that she is taking a break from social media. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother fans know Da’Vonne Rogers and Danielle Reyes quite well, but could they soon become very familiar to Survivor fans as well? Humorous rumors in that regard have started up due to Da’Vonne and Danielle announcing their social media exits.

Da’Vonne was just seen as a member of the Big Brother 22 cast, making it the third time that she has appeared on the show. Danielle first appeared on Big Brother 3 and was then brought back for the first All-Stars version of the show (BB7).

While Da’Vonne hasn’t really come close to winning any of her three appearances, Danielle finished in second place during the Big Brother 3 season. They were both popular enough with fans to be brought back for All-Star seasons, with many fans hoping that Danielle was going to get another shot as a member of the BB22 cast.

Now, it seems that the ladies are taking social media breaks right as filming for the new season of Survivor is ready to begin. What looks like a coincidence on the surface has turned into a lot of online chatter about Da’Vonne and Danielle possibly showing up on the Survivor 41 cast.

Da’Vonne Rogers announced social media break

Taking to her Twitter account, Da’Vonne captioned a GIF by writing, “Social media break.” Within the GIF is the text, “I’ll be back.”

But maybe she just needs a break after the backlash from the extensive video she put up on YouTube recently?

Danielle Reyes takes a break from social media

On her own Twitter page, Danielle wrote an extensive post that got people talking. She wrote, “I will be leaving Social Media soon. I’m trying to do one last thing for @asecretalliance but someone isn’t responding to my text! Hello? Are you there? Hopefully, we get a response today. @JasonTheNewsGuy.”

Responding to comments on her own post, Danielle told a fan that she is not going to be on Survivor. That could seemingly put an end to the rumors, but in the past, reality personalities haven’t always been honest with their intentions. Remember when Da’Vonne said she wasn’t playing Big Brother 22?

Update on Survivor 41

It was recently announced that Survivor 41 was about to begin filming. Fiji is going to start allowing television production to resume, meaning the country is finally open for the Survivor production crew and casts to descend upon the islands again.

It is expected that Survivor 41 and Survivor 42 will be filmed back-to-back in order to save on costs, meaning there could be two casts of people nearly ready to play the game. This is where the rumors of the past Big Brother houseguests appearing have shown up. It doesn’t seem likely to us, but CBS has a way of providing surprising cast members.

For people hoping to become a future castaway, the Survivor casting director made an announcement about when applications will open back up.

Big Brother and Survivor are currently on hiatus at CBS.

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