Survivor casting director reveals when applications for new cast will open

Survivor 40 Cast In Action
A new Survivor cast is waiting for its turn to play the game. Pic credit: CBS

Even though we still don’t know when Survivor 41 will be filmed or when it will finally air on CBS, what we do know is that Survivor 42 appears like it won’t be too far behind.

“We start casting again in Sept,” wrote Survivor casting director Jesse Tannenbaum on a new post that he made on his Instagram page.

It’s an important note, especially while Survivor Season 41 remains on hold. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made it very difficult to get back to producing new episodes. In fact, production has been brought to a complete standstill.

Even though a cast was already put together for Survivor 41, they haven’t been able to start playing the game. It has led to a lot of uncertainty about when CBS viewers will get to see new episodes.

Enter some bright light on the situation, as Jesse Tannenbaum shared some subtle but exceptional news about the future of the reality competition show.

When could Survivor 41 air on CBS?

The bad news is that there will be no spring 2021 season of Survivor. The way things are going, it may not even be possible to show new episodes in the summer. But it’s possible that there is still time to film, edit, and present Survivor 41 episodes in fall 2021.

When will Survivor 42 be filmed for CBS?

The method of production for recent seasons of Survivor has been to film them back-to-back in Fiji. Immediately after Survivor 39 was filmed, the production team got to work filming Survivor 40 (Winners At War). That could be how things are done for seasons 41 and 42 as well.

If everything does get back on schedule, with Survivor 41 airing in fall 2021, then that could allow Survivor 42 to air in spring 2022. It’s not the ideal situation for Survivor fans that have been waiting a really long time for new episodes, but at least it’s something to look forward to in the future.

At the same time, it allows some additional time for hopeful castaways to submit their applications.

More recent Survivor news

Former castaway Reem Daly recently did an interview where she stated how much Survivor needs to have 24/7 live feeds for its viewers. It would certainly be an interesting way to do the show, but that might also prove difficult with how episodes get presented.

There have also been some rumors about a possible celebrity Survivor season. But a lot of that was sparked by actress Keke Palmer stating that she would like to play the game. Many celebrities have played the game before, like NBA star Cliff Robinson and NFL coach Jimmy Johnson, but there hasn’t been a full cast of celebrities yet.

Survivor is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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