Keke Palmer wants to do Celebrity Survivor on CBS

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Keke Palmer would love the chance to play Survivor. Pic credit: @Keke/Instagram

Celebrity Survivor is something that could certainly be interesting to CBS viewers and actress Keke Palmer would love to be a part of the cast.

The singer, actress, and former co-host of the morning show Strahan, Sara and Keke took to social to reveal that she wants a shot to impress host Jeff Probst.

In the past, Survivor has had a few celebrities play the game. That includes former NBA star Cliff Robinson, Super Bowl-winning coach Jimmy Johnson, actor and writer Mike White, and actress Lisa Whelchel from The Facts of Life.

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There have also been a number of Olympic athletes who have appeared on some Survivor seasons.

Despite all the familiar faces, though, there has never been a full season of Survivor geared toward being celebrity-oriented. It has always seemed like a show where a regular person from society is trying to prove they have what it takes to survive.

It’s much different than Big Brother, which has had two seasons comprised entirely of celebrities. There were also recent rumors of Celebrity Big Brother 3 taking place sometime this winter.

Keke Palmer on Celebrity Survivor

Taking to her Twitter account, Keke made a post that has a lot of her fans chatting on social media. It has also led to a debate about whether or not executive producer Jeff Probst should push for a season comprised entirely of celebrities.

Keke wrote, “Hey @survivorcbs ! 20yrs late, but love the show! Let me know when you guys do the charity version so I can win a million for @SavingDaughters.”

Winning the money and donating it to charity would certainly be a nice thing for her to do.
Keke Palmer Survivor
Keke Palmer wants to play Survivor. Pic credit: @KekePalmer/Twitter

Who is Keke Palmer?

For Survivor fans who don’t know who Keke Palmer is, she has been very noticeable within pop culture over the past few years.

Keke appeared as Mercedes in the Jennifer Lopez movie Hustlers, she was on the hit TV show Scream Queens as Zayday Williams, and she also appeared as Gigi on Star.

Other roles that Keke has had include April Lewis on Berlin Station, Kym on the Scream television series, and Coral on Masters of Sex.

Keke made her film debut as the niece of Queen Latifah’s character in Barbershop 2 and then she starred in the award-winning film Akeelah and the Bee as title-character Akeelah.

And then there is her music career.

Keke Palmer - Virgo Tendencies (Official Video)

While there have been no real rumors about a Survivor celebrity edition, it sounds like something that might be fun to see on TV.

Survivor is shifting its casting process during the current downtime. Hopefully, no matter what the format, they can get back to filming soon to present Survivor Season 41 to the fans.

Survivor is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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