Celebrity Big Brother rumors: Fans buzzing with hopes of new season

Julie Chen Keys
Julie Chen Moonves has some time off until Big Brother 23 next summer. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother rumors still have the attention of fans who would love to see another season of the show.

As we reported several weeks ago, there were murmurs floating around about CBS looking into having another celebrity version of the show.

Now that Big Brother 22 has come to an end, the house is empty and just waiting for a new group of houseguests. Putting together a season for this winter makes a lot of sense.

Survivor had to be taken off the fall schedule due to the coronavirus pandemic. Producers were unable to film a new season in Fiji and everything had to be put on hold.

While it was great news that Big Brother 23 has been renewed for summer 2021, there is still a gap within the CBS schedule that needs to be filled.

Fans clamoring for Celebrity Big Brother 3

Below are some recent posts on social media where Big Brother fans have been asking for a new celebrity-based season. It’s just a taste of what people have been saying about the show and how there is still a lot of interest for the program.

CBB Request
A time for CBB. Pic credit: @JamieSBoyle/Twitter
Jokes from fans. Pic credit: @hotblondedani71/Twitter

And then we have a fan already asking for the CBB3 live feeds.

CBB Live Feeds
A fan wants CBB live feeds. Pic credit: @davonnessveto/Twitter

And how about a joke about someone who should be on the Celebrity Big Brother cast? Or maybe it was just a good idea that could turn some eyes to the show?

Tigers in the house? Pic credit: @IntoTheSkyStorm/Twitter

Potential of Celebrity Big Brother 3 taking place

There are celebrities out there who are interested in playing the game. Demi Burnett from The Bachelor has even stated as much.

When CBS rolled out CBB 2, there were some issues with the contracts, with some of the celebrities balking at honoring their commitments to enter the house when they found out other people were getting more money to do it.

That was likely a huge headache for producers to deal with, which likely led to the show not taking place last winter. Now, though, maybe the air has cleared enough to really push forward again. Getting celebrities who are interested in trying out the game could be easier if the cash prize for winning it is still awaiting the winner.

The added bonus is that a lot of celebrities have basically been practicing at home during the lockdowns around the country. Going into the Big Brother house might be a welcome change and an easier adaptation for them this time around.

CBS has not confirmed that a season is even taking place, but at least the rumors that it is being discussed sound promising. If fans continue to show interest on social media, that might just spur the network enough to bring it back immediately.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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