Celebrity Big Brother rumors: Demi Burnett wants to join CBB USA 3 cast

Demi Burnett wants to play Big Brother soon. Pic credit: ABC

Celebrity Big Brother rumors have started to surface again, and now reality television veteran Demi Burnett has stated that she would like to play on the show.

Regarding rumors of the show happening, there have been murmurs on social media of CBB USA returning during the winter months. There have been additional rumors about producers considering running a full season in place of Big Brother 23 next summer.

Nothing has been confirmed by CBS, but that doesn’t typically take place with the reality competition show. The network and the show producers usually keep things close to the chest until everyone is ready to make a big announcement.

In the meantime, it’s always fun for fans to discuss who might be a good contestant to have on Celebrity Big Brother and how it would be interesting to have another season of the show on CBS.

Demi Burnett expresses interest in playing on CBB USA 3

Demi first appeared on Season 23 of The Bachelor and then returned for Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. Demi also popped up as a guest on episodes of The Bachelorette Season 15, Dancing With the Stars, WWE RAW, and The Bachelor Season 24.

Recently we reported on Demi hanging out with Kaysar Ridha and Keesha Smith after they had been evicted from Big Brother All-Stars 2. The trio was photographed together and each shared about their meeting on social media.

The crossover between the worlds of The Bachelor and Big Brother was fun, especially since the shows are on different networks. And now, Demi has posted on social media about possibly furthering that crossover.

Demi On CBB
Demi wants to play Celebrity Big Brother. Pic credit: @demi_burnett/Twitter

A lot of fans have already responded to her post, with many of them letting her know that they would love to see it happen.

There was also the occasional joke about Demi being a celebrity after being best known for participating in reality television shows.

Could Celebrity Big Brother 3 take place this winter?

The producers had a lot of problems putting together Celebrity Big Brother 2 for winter 2019. There were issues getting the celebrities to honor contracts that they had signed, rumors of celebrities holding out for more money when they found out what a fellow cast member was making, and frustrations from some viewers about how much the term “celebrity” had been stretched to put the cast together.

It would definitely be interesting to see another season of celebrities, but it might not be the best idea to follow up Big Brother All-Stars 2 with another celebrity version. Having fresh new faces on the show instead of celebrities or former houseguests might be the recipe to ensure the longevity of the program.

But if the producers and CBS do end up pushing forward with CBB USA 3, then Demi Burnett could be a fun person to watch, especially with her ties to some very intriguing former houseguests.

As for the BB22 cast, their season is inching toward the season finale. There are just a few episodes left on the CBS schedule before they will name the next Big Brother winner.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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