Celebrity Big Brother: Is a new season coming this winter?

Nicole F Plays BB22
Nicole Franzel has now played Big Brother three times and would be a good competition host on CBB Season 3. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother rumors are starting to pick up steam, which could be very interesting for CBS viewers.

With the possibility of filling gaps in the television schedule, it might make sense to try to put together Celebrity Big Brother 3.

Currently, the summer 2020 season is still playing out on CBS. But the season finale is coming up next week.

Even though viewership numbers are down in the year-to-year comparison, it seems that Big Brother still has a core audience that wants to keep watching new people play the game.

Why would Celebrity Big Brother 3 be considered?

There is no new season of Survivor for fans until 2021. Production for Season 41 of that reality competition show had to be postponed when the coronavirus pandemic began.

That has also delayed Season 42, as producers have routinely been filming them back-to-back to save money and time. But with no Season 41, it pushes back the following installment as well.

With no Survivor on CBS, that clears the way to bring back Celebrity Big Brother for a third season. The seasons are typically much shorter than a summer installment, and it would be easy to contain in a bubble.

Who has previously won Celebrity Big Brother USA?

Two seasons of BB Celeb have aired in the U.S., with Broadway actress Marissa Jaret Winokur beating television host Ross Mathews on the first season and then reality TV star Tamar Braxton beating out former football player Ricky Williams on Season 2.

The show started up as a way to compete with the 2018 Winter Olympics on another network but was brought back the following winter due to its success in the ratings.

And to put in perspective why CBS might bring it back for Season 3, the first two seasons averaged more viewers than the regular Big Brother cast has this summer.

Those would be good numbers to garner during the winter months.

But first… Big Brother 22

The Celebrity Big Brother rumors are fun, but they still need to crown a winner for Big Brother All-Stars 2.

The current cast has worked its way down to a final four, and we have a breakdown of all the spoilers from the past few days.

There are just six episodes left on the schedule this season, and then the path would be cleared for producers and CBS to really work at producing a new season of Celebrity Big Brother.

So far, we are only at the rumor stage of everything, but it might make a lot of sense for the network to push ahead — provided they could get a new group of celebrities to agree to play and honor their contracts for a full season.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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