Survivor live feeds: Former castaway suggests 24/7 access to cast

Reem Daly Survivor
Reem Daly was a very memorable cast member from Survivor 38. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor castaway Reem Daly participated in an ongoing series that Entertainment Weekly is doing to pass the time between new seasons of the reality competition show.

Dalton Ross at EW has been sending out questionnaires to former castaways to get their thoughts on the show and it has led to a lot of interesting articles.

Reem Daly, who participated in Survivor: Edge of Extinction, is one of the latest cast members to answer some questions from Dalton. And she has a lot of very interesting things to say about her experiences.

It’s unfortunate that there is an extended delay in the production of Survivor 41 taking place right now, but at least we can still learn new things about former cast members and keep hope alive about great seasons in the future.

Who is Reem Daly from Survivor?

During the spring 2019 season of Survivor, CBS presented something new for the viewers at home. When castaways got voted out at Tribal Council, they were given the option to go home or keep playing the game at Extinction Island.

As the season rolled on, people who resided at Extinction Island were given a shot at returning to the game by winning competitions. It added an interesting wrinkle that gave everyone a second chance at the $1 million prize.

Reem started Edge of Extinction as a sales representative from Virginia. She was a bit confrontational and her tribe immediately turned against her. She became the first person voted out of Survivor 38 and she decided to go to Extinction Island.

For the rest of the season, Reem gutted it out at the much tougher location, getting two chances to return to the game along the way. She came up short each time, while also getting increasingly grumpy about her stay on the island. She lasted 35 days before officially getting eliminated from the game for good.

Reem speaks with Dalton about 24/7 coverage

“I wish they would run feeds 24/7,” Reem said when asked about the edit that she received on the show. “It would show more of who people are. I wish I would have not started on my tribe, but I’m lucky I got to play.”

Later, Reem was also asked what she would do if she could make one change about the way that Survivor is run. She listed more than just one.

“Diversity, which is now happening, a 24/7 feed, and more of my age group,” Reem stated about changes she would make.

Survivor live feeds would be really difficult to pull off

Big Brother is a reality competition show that has live feeds. It gives fans at home the chance to watch what is taking place inside of the house during most of the day. It provides live coverage and shows the interactions that are really taking place between houseguests.

On Survivor, it would be really difficult to pull off something like that. Survivor is taped months in advance of the episodes getting shown on CBS. A lot of editing goes into making the show more exciting and that flies in the face of a live presentation. It just doesn’t seem like a feasible option.

At the same time, it sure is intriguing to think about. Getting to see people searching for a Hidden Immunity Idol in real time would be a pretty exciting endeavor.

Maybe Survivor could consider doing an entirely online season like Big Brother did with its Over the Top spin-off.

Survivor is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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