When is the new season of Survivor? Everything we know so far

S40 Survivor Cast
The Winners at War cast was the last Survivor cast fans got to see. Pic credit: CBS

A new season of Survivor is exactly what fans want to see. The problem is that there have been continuous production delays.

If everything had remained on schedule, Season 41 and Season 42 of the hit reality competition show would have already been filmed in Fiji.

One of the reasons that the show has continued to use Fiji is that when they use one static location, the production team can film seasons back-to-back.

Filming the seasons in that fashion cuts back on costs and ensures that two seasons are almost always ready to air on CBS. It meant that while Season 39 was airing on TV, Season 40 had already completed filming.

Season 40 was Winners at War, where fans got to watch Tony Vlachos become the first $2 million winner. He was also only the second person in the history of the show to win it twice (Sandra Diaz-Twine also holds this title).

But the Survivor 40 winner was revealed in May, which seems like a distant memory for fans who just want to see the Survivor 41 cast finally take the stage.

When is the new season of Survivor?

Let’s get right to the bad news. It is unknown when Survivor Season 41 is going to air on CBS. There continue to be problems with even filming it and the prospective date of a new season of Survivor premiering keeps getting pushed back.

There were even recent rumors of leaving Fiji for a new location, just so they could get back to filming new episodes. The idea seems fine on the surface, but the production team would still need the permission of a new country to fly/boat in people to film the show.

Once filming does get started, it would likely take more than two months before an episode could even make it to CBS. A typical season now runs for 39 days, but prep before that is needed and so is the post-filming editing.

If things cleared up around the world in January and/or February, it’s possible that Survivor 41 could be finished in time to air during the summer. CBS probably wouldn’t want to do that, though, so we would then be looking at fall 2021 for new episodes of the show to air.

Survivor host, Jeff Probst, has stated that he will update fans when he has more information about the new season, but his recent silence on the issue underscores how difficult it has been to get things done.

As it stands, we may not see another season of Survivor beginning until September 2021 at the earliest.

We will also make sure to update everyone when we learn more information about Survivor 41, but we could all be waiting for a while.

Survivor castaway news

In the world of Survivor, fans might be interested in learning that Jonny Fairplay was arrested for stealing from his grandmother. Yes, it’s the same grandmother that he pretended had died while he was on the show so that he could gain sympathy support from other castaways.

Survivor is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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