Big Brother spoilers: Who is getting evicted from BB22 cast?

Kevin and Keesha on BB22 block
Keesha Smith and Kevin Campbell on the block on Big Brother 22. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers from Week 1 point to who is getting evicted from the BB22 cast on Thursday night.

On the block are Keesha Smith and Kevin Campbell, who remained there after the Veto Competition. Enzo Palumbo won the POV but decided not to use it.

As the Head of Household, Cody Calafiore has definitely had a hand in swaying things in the direction that he wants them to go this week, even though he would have preferred to get out either Kaysar Ridha or Janelle Pierzina first.

When Kaysar and Janelle gained safety, he had to change directions. But the people in his many alliances are ready to back his play this week.

That brings us all to the first Eviction Ceremony of the summer, which comes on August 13 and will see the return of host Julie Chen. We will also get our first post-eviction interview.

Big Brother spoilers about eviction vote

Keesha Smith is in trouble. There is no point in burying the lead on that topic. She is getting targeted because she is an old school player and she doesn’t have the connections to other BB22 cast members that some of the younger houseguests do.

In fact, it seems that the only people truly on her side — even at this early point of the game — are Kaysar and Janelle. The veteran duo needs a good nickname to refer to themselves, but they are still trying to stay under the radar about things.

But back to the upcoming Eviction Ceremony. It’s entirely possible that we see a unanimous vote that sends Keesha Marie Smith out of the Big Brother house. Even if Kaysar and Janelle want to support her, the right game move is to go with the majority this early in the season.

BB22 eviction vote predictions

It’s not really going out on a limb here to predict that Keesha Smith is getting evicted. It might not even be a risk to suggest that it could be unanimous. Sometimes people throw out rogue votes to try to stir things up, so that could also be possible.

There was some low-key campaigning going on from Da’Vonne Rogers and Christmas Abbott to maybe try to keep Keesha, but it didn’t get very far. Maybe the women finally realized that it was a bad idea to evict another woman during a season that involves several guys (and Nicole Franzel) who always try to target women for eviction?

If Janelle was telling the truth about the Battle Back, Keesha might get another chance at the game this summer.

To find out for sure who gets evicted during Week 1, make sure to tune in for the new episode on August 13.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS

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