Big Brother spoilers: HOH Frenchie continues chaotic BB23 week

Big Brother First Four BB23
The Big Brother 23 cast is as chaotic as we have seen on any season of the show through four days. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers have been pretty prevalent on the live feeds over the first few days, especially since it feels like Frenchie isn’t really sure what he wants to do. And the other members of the BB23 cast are certainly catching on to his doubletalk.

Back on the first day that the Big Brother live feeds were turned on, Frenchie was quite adamant that he didn’t want to nominate a woman or a person of color during his reign as the HOH. He even took the time to look at the camera and talk down to the BB21 cast.

Then the doubletalk started up. Frenchie would say one thing to one person and then go make an alliance with the person that he was presumably working to get out of the house. Sure, part of it could have been strategic, but Big Brother fans on social media are not wrong with their jokes that he is trying to align with all 16 members of the BB23 cast.

That brings us to the primary Big Brother spoilers that have become known through the feeds. We know who won the brand new competition and who Frenchie nominated for eviction. Both events are really causing a lot of chaos in the house, partly because Frenchie is not sticking to one plan.

If Frenchie wants to be known as a wildcard, then he is doing it perfectly. But if he wanted to be known as a strategic and intelligent fan of the game, he is going to have to prove it after this mess of a first week.

Big Brother spoilers from the Wildcard Competition

During the season premiere, the BB23 cast got split into four teams. Each team played in the HOH Competition to figure out who was going to be safe and it was the team of Brandon “Frenchie” French, Azah Awasum, Britini D’Angelo, and Derek Frazier that won. Frenchie then became the HOH.

The Wildcard Competition was thrown in to grant some more people safety. Kyland Young (Team Queens), Christian Birkenberger (Team Kings), and Hannah Chaddha (Team Aces) were the three players. Christian won and gained safety. He then got to provide safety to one more person and he chose Xavier Prather.

Nomination Ceremony results

Heading into the Nomination Ceremony, Christian, Xavier, Derek Frazier, Britini, and Azah were all safe from going up on the block. It meant the choices that Frenchie had were slimmed down a bit, but he was still completely in control. He was also still telling his closest people that he wanted to backdoor someone this week and that he needed two pawns to go up on the block to make sure it all played out as he wanted it to.

He told Christian, Derek Frazier, Kyland, and Xavier that he wanted them to be a core five alliance and that was what he had in mind as it closed in on time to host the first Nomination Ceremony of the summer.

Then, Frenchie put Kyland and Alyssa Lopez on the block. Not only did he break his pledge of not putting a person of color on the block, but he also went with two of them. Maybe it wouldn’t appear to be quite this bad if he hadn’t been telling the fans and the BB23 cast that he wasn’t going to do that. But he did tell them that, making this really bad for optics.

Kyland and Alyssa were each told that they were safe before they were surprised to be on the block and Frenchie continues to tell them that they are safe and that he wants to play with them. This is a great way to burn bridges in Week 2, no matter what happens next.

As for what might happen next, Frenchie wants to backdoor someone and that person looks like Derek Xiao. Yes, that would also mean a third person of color getting nominated in Week 1. The Veto Competition plays out on July 10, so that’s when we might learn more about his real plans.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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