Big Brother live feeds: HOH Frenchie shades some BB21 cast members

Frenchie During BB23 Episode 1
Frenchie holds a lot of power on Big Brother 23 and he is against bullying. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds are up and running and Head of Household Frenchie (real name Brandon French) is already gaining supporters based on what he is saying about the bullies from the BB21 cast.

A short while after getting his HOH Room and doing the tour with the rest of the BB23 cast, Frenchie began having serious chats with a lot of other people in the house.

Late night in the HOH Room (around 1 a.m. house time), Frenchie was still holding court with Claire Rehfuss, Hannah Chaddha, Azah Awasum, Kyland Young, Derek Xiao, and Britini D’Angelo.

As a quick reminder, the Big Brother 23 cast was split into teams during the premiere. Frenchie’s team is called The Jokers and he has Azah, Britini, and Derek Frazier as his teammates. Derek Xiao, Claire, Hannah, and Travis are from other teams, showing that Frenchie is doing a good job at chatting with many people.

What did Frenchie say about the Big Brother 21 cast?

“People that bully other people. That’s my biggest pet peeve,” Frenchie said to Derek as they chatted in the HOH Room early Thursday morning.

“When I watched Season 21, I just kept getting pissed. Like, I got pissed so much during that season. Just watching them bully each other and screaming at each other – at Ovi. Ovi was just trying to bring these people cookies and you’re gonna like… I don’t know man,” Frenchie elaborated.

“I got upset about that. You just don’t treat people like s**t. You don’t. And, it broke my heart watching David, Ovi, Kemi, back-to-back-to-back and these two d**kheads Jack and Jackson. I don’t care if you’re watching this (Frenchie said to the camera). I don’t like either of you,” Frenchie stated before the feeds got taken down for a few moments.

Frenchie was referring to David Alexander, Ovi Kabir, and Kemi Fakunle, who were the first three people evicted from Big Brother 21. And the bullies he was referencing were Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie.

Jack was warned by production about his behavior, and that was even before he destroyed the personal belongings of another houseguest. Jackson drew a lot of attention for gaslighting Holly Allen and for getting caught cheating at the game.

Frenchie has been very adamant in a number of conversations about how appalled he was with the Big Brother 21 season and he wants to make sure nothing like that happens this year.

And Big Brother fans are definitely here for everything that Frenchie has been saying overnight.

Big Brother Nominations coming soon

As the Head of Household, Frenchie is going to have to come up with two people to nominate for eviction. He already started having some brief chats with his team about how he should go about it, but he still has some time to figure things out.

If the producers follow a typical schedule, nominations would likely take place on July 9 and be taped for the Sunday night (July 11) episode.

As a reminder, on the 2021 Big Brother TV schedule, there is no episode on July 8.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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