Big Brother recap: Cracks in The Cookout and another BB23 eviction

Derek X was HOH 5 On BB23
It was a dramatic week on Big Brother 23 with Derek Xiao as the HOH. Pic credit: CBS

The new Big Brother episode started with host Julie Chen Moonves welcoming viewers to “live eviction night” for the BB23 cast. A lot of time was then spent recapping how Derek Xiao got power and why he decided that Christian Birkenberger was going to be the target.

We got to see some old footage of Britini D’Angelo and Sarah Beth Steagall getting nominated for eviction. During the last episode of Big Brother, we saw that Britini won the Power of Veto, but the episode ended before we saw what happened at the Veto Ceremony.

Britini used the Power of Veto to save herself when the Veto Ceremony was finally shown. Derek X then put Christian on the block, apologizing and saying that he was the biggest threat in the house. It was then time for some chaos.

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In a Diary Room session, Christian called Derek X a coward again and said that he was “staying no matter what” as he began to look for some votes of support. Sarah Beth said that Christian was the perfect person to have on the block next to her during another DR session.

Big Brother 23 recap: Christian campaigns for his game

As Christian began trying to find voters, the other punishments were revealed for the CBS audience. Claire Rehfuss had to wear a costume and play 52 card pickup anytime it was announced, while Kyland Young had to wear a costume while making club sandwiches for people in the house every time it was asked of him.

Christian went to Tiffany Mitchell, who said she would vote to keep him in the house if it’s what the majority wanted. And he called her on it because he thought she was the swing vote, but she was lying to his face. Again.

Tiffany had a DR session where she felt bad about leading him on. Tiffany then went to Britini and told Britini that she needed to be the one to tell Christian she wasn’t voting for him to stay. She also threatened to go to Christian and tell him Britini lied if Britini didn’t follow through. Tiffany was later shown outing Britini and Derek F to Christian.

This all happened in front of Derek Frazier, who was getting frustrated with The Cookout. Derek F then started calling Tiffany a “b****” and saying that he would be done with The Cookout during a conversation he had with Azah. She was shown pleading with him to keep it together as Derek F called Tiffany a bully.

Julie noted that there are now cracks in The Cookout alliance, which could be a big deal later this season.

Big Brother August 12 Eviction Ceremony

The Big Brother 23 cast had to decide if they were sending Christian Birkenberger or singer Sarah Beth Steagall home when they finally got to the Eviction Ceremony.

Hannah Chaddha voted to evict Christian, Kyland voted for Christian, Xavier Prather voted for Sarah Beth, and Alyssa Lopez voted to evict Sarah Beth to make it 2-2 and allow for a dramatic commercial break.

Britini voted to evict Christian when the show came back, Derek Frazier voted for Christian, Tiffany voted for Christian (making it official he was going home), Claire Rehfuss voted for Christian, and Azah Awasum also voted to evict Christian.

By a vote of 7-2, Christian Birkenberger was voted out of the Big Brother house.

Julie did a quick interview with Christian, but most of his questions will be in the extended interview released over the weekend.

A new Big Brother twist and America’s Vote

At the end of the episode, Julie Chen Moonves let the final 11 houseguests know that special powers are up for grabs and that America will help decide who gets the most chances to play for those powers.

A new secret room called the High Roller’s Room will open up, and it has three casino games inside. Each of the games costs a different amount of money to play, and each of them has a different prize. Julie hinted at removing someone from the block, having the chance to win a second POV, and flipping a power to their favor as possible prizes.

Now, America gets to vote for the houseguest who they want to receive the chances at the secret powers.

To vote, all you need is to use your phone and text the name of that houseguest to 97979. The top three vote-getters receive $100, the next three get $75, and everyone else gets $50. At least everyone will get some money and the chance to play for powers.

That brings an end to the Big Brother 23 recap from August 12. There was no new Head of Household crowned, meaning it will take place later, and the results will be revealed on the Big Brother live feeds.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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