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Big Brother recap: A messy endurance and two surprised nominees

BB23 Endurance
An Endurance Challenge highlighted a new episode of Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

A new episode of Big Brother 23 aired on Sunday night that went over the results of the Head of Household Competition. The new HOH was decided through a long Endurance Challenge, but CBS provided a large recap to open the night.

The week that Christian Birkenberger had as the HOH was summarized to start the new episode, with Christian doing a Diary Room session where he talked about how successful he was at getting Whitney Williams out of the game. Yes, the same Whitney who hadn’t won a thing yet was getting called a big threat again.

Since she has left the Big Brother house, Whitney has answered more questions about her time in the game, and that includes more talk about the crush she has on Xavier Prather.

At the end of the last episode, we saw the beginning of the Endurance Challenge, and it was now time to reveal how it played out later that night.

Big Brother 23, Episode 14 recap

Derek Frazier was the first one to fall off the wall in the Endurance Challenge. Claire Rehfuss then dropped a short time later, saying in the DR that she did it on purpose since she already had safety for Week 5.

Sarah Beth Steagall and Hannah Chaddha were the next two people out, with Sarah Beth saying she did it on purpose and Hannah saying she had really wanted to win.

Kyland Young, Britini D’Angelo, Azah Awasum, and Tiffany Mitchell (in order) were the next four people out of the challenge.

The final three people were Alyssa Lopez, Derek Xiao, and Xavier Prather. It was down to two people when Alyssa dropped out after Derek X promised her safety. Alyssa had also tried to get Derek X to throw it to her, but he wasn’t interested in that deal.

Xavier said he threw the competition when he dropped after securing safety. Derek Xiao was named the winner and Head of Household.

Royal Flush alliance gets blown

While Derek X, Tiffany, and Hannah talked about Week 5 plans, Tiffany brought up the Royal Flush alliance as she addressed Derek X. The episode showed it just once, but Tiffany had accidentally mentioned it several times in front of Hannah, who is not in the alliance.

Hannah was shown in a Diary Room session getting a little frustrated about not being let in on that alliance, and she also confronted Derek X about it, saying that it now made sense to her why he didn’t see the block last week. She also confronted Tiffany about it, who made excuses and tried to downplay the alliance.

Ahead of nominations, a segment was shown where Derek Frazier fell asleep at various locations in the house. He has fallen asleep during conversations, in the nomination chair, outside, and even while sitting with allies.

Who did Derek Xiao nominate for eviction?

At the Week 5 Nomination Ceremony, Derek Xiao nominated Britini D’Angelo and Sarah Beth Steagall for eviction. Derek X did ask Sarah Beth ahead of time if she would be okay being a pawn, and she said it would make her pretty upset. In a Diary Room session, Derek X had also mentioned that he wanted to backdoor Christian Birkenberger but that he needed two pawns (Britini and Sarah Beth) to make it work. Will that be the ultimate goal of his week as HOH? Stay tuned.

More from Big Brother 23

We have the Power of Veto results here for anyone who wants to read ahead about what has happened this week. The Veto Competition and the Veto Ceremony will be shown to CBS viewers during the August 11 Big Brother episode.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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