Big Brother live feeds spoilers: Who did the new HOH nominate?

Michael Bruner BB24 Challenge
Michael Bruner became a Week 7 Head of Household during a twist on BB24. Pic credit: CBS

Nomination day arrived on the Big Brother live feeds, and spoilers have become very evident to anyone that has been tuning in. It has all led to a new duo being on the block.

Late Thursday night, Monte Taylor won the HOH Competition, putting him in a nice power position as Week 4 of the game plays out.

Monte becoming HOH also ensured that The Leftovers alliance takes full control of the game, less than a week after they cemented their agreement to work together.

The Leftovers pulled off a huge Big Brother blindside as well, leaving Terrance Higgins without a partner. This allowed him to pick a duo that he would join. Terrance went with Monte and Joseph Abdin, and since Monte is the HOH, Terrance is now safe in Week 4.

The Besties twist is still going on, so Monte had to select one of the other duos to put on the block. This was where a lot of thought had to go into the decision, especially if he had a specific name that he wanted to go home next.

Before the Nomination Ceremony took place, Nicole Layog could be seen lamenting that she was the next target and how upset she was that no girls alliance had ever formed. But the viewers at home already know that Nicole was left out of the all-girls alliance.

Who did Monte nominate for eviction on Big Brother?

After warning them ahead of time, Monte nominated Alyssa Snider and Indy Santos for eviction. The ladies will have a chance to save themselves at the Veto Competition that takes place on Saturday (July 30).

More from Big Brother 24 and beyond

Outside of the Big Brother house, Paloma posted new comments about her BB24 experience, pushing her own narrative that live feed subscribers weren’t getting the whole story. She didn’t expand on that story, though, so hopefully she will explain later.

Big Brother 20 alum Angela Rockstar finally revealed a backstory for that big argument that took place around her daughter’s birthday during her season on the show. She further explained why she went off on Brett Robinson lying about her.

There has also been some Celebrity Big Brother news, as the cops were called to the home of Shanna Moakler late Thursday evening. She is back together with Matthew Rondeau, who was previously charged with domestic violence.

The next new episode of Big Brother arrives on Sunday, July 31.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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