Big Brother 24 spoilers: Who won Invitation Head of Household?

Jasmine wearing Glasses BB24 photo
Jasmine Davis was a member of the Big Brother 24 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 spoilers come from the live feeds late on Thursday evening, following the latest eviction episode for the show.

Earlier in the night, a huge Big Brother blindside took place, with a shocked Ameerah Jones heading out for her eviction interview with Julie Chen Moonves.

Right before the credits began to roll, the first part of a new Head of Household Competition centered around the movie, Invitation, began in the backyard.

We won’t get to see footage of the challenge until the July 31 episode of the show, but we already know the results based on the live feeds chats people have been having.

Nicole Layog is still fuming about not figuring out what Matt Turner was doing with the blindside, Alyssa Snider appears to be completely shocked, and Daniel Durston is still talking badly about other houseguests. Oh, and, of course, Nicole and Daniel are still trashing Taylor Hale.

Nicole is very worried about being the next person sent home, but that would also mean Taylor would have to go up on the block since they are part of a duo.

Who won the Head of Household Competition on July 28?

Monte Taylor just won the HOH Competition and he takes over the power in the house. This is the first challenge that Monte has won this summer, and it gives The Leftovers alliance a big opportunity to take out another big player from the other side of the house.

Monte will host his Nomination Ceremony at some point on Friday (July 29), where he will reveal which duo is going on the block. And as a reminder, Terrance Higgins is now aligned with Joseph Abdin and Monte, so he is also safe for the week.

Down to just 13 members of the Big Brother 24 cast

There are only 13 people left still competing for the $750,000 prize this summer. Paloma Aguilar, Joe “Pocch” Pucciarelli, and Ameerah Jones are the first three to be eliminated from contention. Once two more people go home, the BB24 jury will start forming.

And now becomes a very important week for people like Michael Bruner, who are trying to secure good allies to play with deep into the summer.

Some news from outside of the Big Brother house

Big Brother 20 cast member Angela Rockstar finally revealed the backstory for that big argument with Brett Robinson about her daughter’s birthday that took place at the end of a live episode.

And in some Celebrity Big Brother news, the cops were called to the home of Shanna Moakler late Thursday evening.

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