Shanna Moakler’s boyfriend Matthew Rondeau has been charged with domestic violence

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More bad news for Shanna Moakler’s boyfriend. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/admedia

Shanna Moakler’s relationship with Matthew Rondeau has taken another turn, as he has reportedly been charged based on his domestic violence arrest that took place right at the end of Celebrity Big Brother 3.

According to TMZ, Rondeau was just charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, battery, and vandalism.

These charges stem from Rondeau’s arrest in February 2022, which immediately followed an incident that allegedly took place at Moakler’s home.

During the Celebrity Big Brother season, Moakler was a cast member living inside the Big Brother house. When she began playing the game, Rondeau was her boyfriend back home.

While Moakler was cut off from the rest of the world, it was reported that her boyfriend (Rondeau) appeared to be acting very jealous about the time that she was seen spending with Lamar Odom on the live feeds.

Odom was another member of the CBB3 cast, but the pair were only talking and not actually forming a romantic relationship inside the house. But that didn’t stop Rondeau from taking down all his social media pictures featuring Moakler.

Shanna Moakler comments on charges against Matthew Rondeau

“I’m not pressing charges, I’m hoping the city attorney respects my wishes and drops everything as well. I will be supporting Matthew 100%,” Moakler told TMZ about the charges that were filed.

“This has disrupted our lives enough. We have both learned from this experience we never wish to have been public, and we would like to move forward in a positive and peaceful manner,” Moakler went on to elaborate.

Matthew Rondeau also responds with comments on charges

“I haven’t even spoken or made a comment because I am so saddened and disgusted with the narrative the media has portrayed me as,” Rondeau told TMZ. “I pray that the city of LA allows me to show them they made the right choice on dropping all charges against me. I am an admirable person, an amazing son, and a very respectable and loving partner.”

A timeline for Shanna Moakler and Matthew Rondeau

Shanna Moakler and Matthew Rondeau began the Celebrity Big Brother 3 season as a couple back in early February 2022. While she was in the house, she didn’t know that he had taken down all of her social media images.

The incident that led to Rondeau being charged allegedly happened on the evening of the CBB3 finale, leading to his arrest early the following morning. And early on the morning of the arrest, Rondeau went on Moakler’s Instagram account to do a live session where he spoke very negatively about her.

After Rondeau’s arrest, Moakler stated that the relationship was over, but a short time later, Moakler announced that she was pregnant. It turned out that she wasn’t, but she did get back together with Rondeau, and the couple had been going through counseling to try to work things out.

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