Angela Rockstar finally explained why she had that Big Brother 20 meltdown about her daughter’s birthday

Rockstar BB20
Rockstar played on Big Brother 2018 season. Pic credit: CBS

Angela “Rockstar” Lantry is a very memorable houseguest from the Big Brother 20 cast, where the stay-at-home mom finished in 10th place after making it to the BB20 jury.

But one of the moments that is still talked about from that season is when she called out Brett Robinson for lying about her right after a live eviction episode.

“I cannot, on my daughter’s birthday, believe that you would sit there and do some crap like that,” Rockstar could be seen saying to Brett as several of the other houseguests reacted to the eviction that had just taken place.

Brett had tried to turn the house against Rockstar and came up with a story that she had been trying to work with him, but that wasn’t the case at all. Now, Rockstar has provided some more insight into why she blew up in such a huge fashion on that night.

“People giving shoutouts on BB is triggering to me. Finding out everyone was giving them even though they would insist each episode we don’t, and I had been following the rules and not saying anything to my kids It was the real catalyst to the on my daughter’s birthday meltdown,” Rockstar wrote on a new Twitter post.

It appears that Rockstar saw the Big Brother 24 cast giving shoutouts to their family members during the voting at the last Eviction Ceremony, and it brought back some bad memories from her time in the house.

Angela Rockstar talks more about missing her family in the house

When a follower asked Rockstar if she was not allowed to give shoutouts during the voting or while speaking to the cameras in the house, she elaborated a bit further.

“BOTH and even tho I knew they did it past seasons I figured that’s why they’d announce the reminder and no one was doing them Unitk in the bathroom that day I said ‘look I KNOW we are not supposed to an I haven’t but I’m giving Aradia a shoutout for her birthday[sic],'” Rockstar went on to write.

Rockstar On Twitter
Angela ‘Rockstar’ Lantry’ played on Big Brother 20. Pic credit: @Mrs_ARockstar/Twitter

And for a refresher of that conversation that Rockstar and Brett had during the Big Brother 20 season, part of it is depicted in the video shared below.

Rockstar talks a lot about Big Brother on social media

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