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Big Brother live feed updates: What is going on with the BB23 cast?

Xavier Final BB23 HOH
Xavier Prather has plans to win Big Brother 23 this summer. Pic credit: CBS

These Big Brother live feed updates cover what has been going on inside the house in the time since Xavier Prather won the final four Head of Household Competition.

There are a few BB23 spoilers in the mix here because Xavier has shifted his gameplay and a lot of that will get revealed during the upcoming episodes on the Big Brother schedule.

As a reminder, The Cookout alliance controls the final four slots, with Xavier, Kyland Young, Derek Frazier, and Azah Awasum the only people left in the running for the $750,000 prize.

And within that final four, there has been a lot of gossiping about previously evicted houseguests, about each other, and about what the members of the BB23 cast might get to do in their lives after Big Brother 23 comes to an end. Oh, and there has also been a lot of lounging around.

Big Brother live feed updates: New deals

Xavier did make a final two deal with Kyland, but he also made a final two deal with Derek F. And as soon as Kyland was out of a power position, Xavier started revealing that he would rather take Derek F with him to the end.

It hasn’t been lost on Big Brother fans that Xavier also feels it is easier to beat Derek F (in his mind), and that getting Kyland out of there eliminates the biggest threat when it comes to winning the final Head of Household Competition.

Xavier is also in the great position of having a woman in the final four who has eyes for him. Azah seems willing to do anything and everything that Xavier asks of her in the game, which is why he also has a tentative deal to keep working with her. That deal exists so that if Azah wins the final HOH she might take him to the end with her. That would be a terrible move for her, but that’s where we are at.

Big Brother live feed updates: Power of Veto spoilers

The final Veto Competition of the Big Brother 2021 season has been played. Xavier won the final Power of Veto, giving him the power to keep his nominations the same (he nominated Kyland and Azah). This means he also gets to decide who has the eviction vote, as only one person is voting during the “live” eviction episode.

Xavier has planned to keep the nominations the same. He has already discussed with Derek F how he wants him to save Azah from the block and send Kyland to the BB23 jury. Derek F has courted thoughts of keeping Kyland around, but since then, he has continuously talked down Kyland’s gameplay on the live feeds.

Talking to the live feed cameras, Xavier has admitted that he has also thought about taking Azah off the block to have her vote out Kyland, just in case Derek F has thoughts of pulling a fast one.

Big Brother live feeds drama

There has also been a bit of drama on the live feeds over the past week. Azah and Derek F argued about who was better at the game, with Derek F insistent that he was the reason Azah had survived this long. It certainly provided some good content for an upcoming episode or two of the show.

Kyland has also been doing shoutouts to the live feed cameras. That included asking the Obamas to be friends. Social media definitely responded to Kyland.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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