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Big Brother live feeds: Kyland asks to be friends with former president, fake response shared online

Kyland On BB23 Feeds
Kyland Young talks to the Big Brother live feed cameras a lot. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds have featured a lot of the houseguests talking directly to the cameras this season.

Now that the BB23 cast is down to the final four, that has become the case even more, with each of them taking turns addressing America.

We did get to see Derek Frazier and Azah Awasum debate about who has done more this season. Derek even feels he is a Big Brother All-Star.

But something entertaining happened when Kyland Young addressed President Barack Obama on the live feeds.

Kyland Young addresses the Obamas and social media responds

“Former President and First Lady, Michelle and Barack Obama, what’s up? Not saying I’m expecting us to hang out or anything but love to be friends, or meet you one time, or get a like on IG or Twitter. The Cookout would love any sort of shoutouts or acknowledgment of our existence, love you both.. while I’m going down that list, Will and Jada, same thing, love y’all, appreciate y’all,” Kyland Young could be seen saying on the Big Brother live feeds.

Nobody really expected the Obamas to respond to what Kyland was saying on the live feeds, but we still got to enjoy a hilarious post that was made on their behalf.

The tweet below is not real, and it was shared by a Big Brother social media account that cracks jokes about the summer houseguests each year. It directly responds to many people tagging the Obamas on social media after Kyland spoke about them and The Cookout alliance.

The sentiment of the response also addresses how a lot of Big Brother fans enjoyed watching Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha play the game much more than the rest of the people still in the house.

Big Brother 23 nears its conclusion

There aren’t very many episodes left on the Big Brother schedule and the season finale is coming up very quickly. It’s just about time for the BB23 jury to have its roundtable and then decide who will be named the Big Brother 23 winner.

The four people left in the running are Kyland Young, Xavier Prather, Azah Awasum, and Derek Frazier. For Big Brother fans who want to read ahead, we have Power of Veto spoilers here that reveal who will make the final three.

The prize on the line was increased to $750,000 this season, so someone is about to become the biggest winner in the history of the show. And speaking of history, The Cookout alliance succeeded in its goal of getting to the end and one of its members will become the winner this summer.

As for some great news on the horizon, CBS has renewed Celebrity Big Brother for a Winter 2022 season. Soon enough, a new group of houseguests will be walking through the front doors after getting introduced by host Julie Chen Moonves. There are already some new online rumors about the BB Celeb 3 cast and who might be on it.

Stay tuned, because we also expect an announcement about Big Brother 24 to be coming out soon.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

5 thoughts on “Big Brother live feeds: Kyland asks to be friends with former president, fake response shared online”

  1. search “2019 big brother first black winner” and you will see all of the usual media suspects claiming and praising the first black winner.. and those same exact media suspects are claiming it once again. um hellooo.. it is mathematically impossible to have a “first time in history” twice.. unless of course we’re talking about african american charter school mathematics that is. what a pathetic joke. See-BS is the new BET/OWN anti-white buffalo soldier hypocritical TV network.

    • I believe they are talking about the main Big Brother show in the US. Tamar Braxton won on Celebrity Big Brother & Tychon Carter-Newman won Big Brother Canada. Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother Canada are considered separate shows from Big Brother. Celebrity Big Brother is considered a special edition show.

      Considering that there are over 62 countries and regions that have their own Big Brother, there are many various races that have won around the world. However, in the US’s version of the game (non-celebrity), there has never been a black winner.

      The fact that the other people in the jury are understanding and see that this is an important event while others in the public are too closed minded shows the fragility of their egos.

      Consider this, if it were an all white alliance that were able to stay together and get everyone out would you be alright with that? Would you be in outrage? Would you even consider that anything was wrong? Or would you be hooting and hollering that an alliance was actually able to stay together long enough to get everyone else out?

      100% white
      100% anti-racism!

      • ANY alliance solely based on skin color targeting another skin color is racism and entirely unacceptable. By definition this is racial discrimination. Period.

        As for the first black winner, first of all, it was the US media, literally the entire media, rejoicing over Tamar Braxton winning BB USA in 2019. Do a search and see for yourself, the headlines in 2019 were the same as they are today in 2021, and I quote: “Tamar Braxton Wins ‘Big Brother,’ Becomes U.S. Version’s First Black Winner”. Not my words, but the words of the the very same media networks that are sensationalizing this absurdity again today. Big Brother is Big Brother is Big Brother, “celebrity” or not, they’re playing the exact same game, same house, same rules, same host and runs every year. Bottom line, it is absolutely ridiculous to claim a first in history twice. Only in America.

        Secondly, Big Brother is not a US show. CBS does not own Big Brother, they license it. If looking at the entire BB franchise history, indeed there have already been hundreds of black winners. Women. Asian. POC. Whites. Gay. All of the above. I personally watched the Canada and Australia versions in 2021, both of which had black winners. Neither of which achieved the win based on any racist alliances or even so much as a mention of skin color – they did so on their own individual merit – the way the game is meant to be played.

        CBS clearly has violated the BB franchise as well as their very own rules for this season and this season only. Why is that? It is a disgusting double standard and this is why people are ticked off. Also, if a white man ever called a black women “F**k that B**ch!”, not once, but multiple times and then proceeded to confront and threaten her, he would have been yanked from the show immediately (they have done this in past seasons already) and the black community as well as US media would have gone completely bonkers over it. But because the perpetrator is black and gay, none of that happened did it. In fact, nothing at all was said or done about it! Somehow he is immune to accountability. This is even more reason why people are ticked off.

        Ultimately, this season, which has the lowest ratings of any season of BB USA, has set a new precedent, a dangerous one, opening the door to race wars in future seasons that inevitably will be the downfall of the US version of the game and further damage race relations in America. If that is even possible, considering just how bad it is today. Lets face it, racism is big business in America. People, majority of which are dark skinned, are going to propagate and profit from it to no end. Pathetic as it may be, without anti-white racism, tens of millions would have no income and no purpose in life.

        You seem to think black people are owed something here, lets look back at history in America, African American “Buffalo Soldiers” are equally responsible for the extermination of native American indians, as well as discriminating against white immigrants in the early 20th century and therefor are not immune to accountability for their actions. They did to others precisely what they claim whites did to them. The epitome of hypocrisy. And now that CBS is claiming “diversity”, where are the native Indian cast members then anyway? I digress.

        Big Brother US and CBS are despicable for not only allowing, but encouraging such reprehensibly disgusting behavior.

        100% human
        100% impartialence!

      • @Norma W if it were an all white alliance that were able to stay together and get everyone out would you be alright with that? yes, im good with that. however if it were an all white alliance formed on the basis of being white with the only purpose of evicting all black people right away, just because theyre black, then no im not good with that. but that has never happened in big brother hsitory anywhere in the world. ever. what has happened is an all black alliance doing just that. twist and turn it however you want, its still blatant racism against white people.


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