Big Brother history: The 14-hour HOH Competition that shaped a season

BB6 Cast HOH Comp
There were several very competitive challenges on Big Brother 6. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother Head of Household Competitions can shape how a week or entire season will play out. One such challenge occurred during Big Brother 6 when an epic HOH Competition took more than 14 hours to complete.

In Summer 2005, the BB6 cast took over the house and created a number of legends within the game. Not only was this the season where Janelle Pierzina, James Rhine, and Kaysar Ridha first played the game, but it also featured a final four of only women.

Maggie Ausburn emerged as the Big Brother 6 winner, and Ivette Corredero finished as the runner-up. Still, neither lady has participated in any successive seasons of the reality competition show.

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There were a lot of memorable moments during Big Brother 6, but something that continues to stand out years later is the HOH Competition that took place on Day 40. It still holds the record for the longest challenge on the show.

Big Brother Pressure Cooker from Season 6

On Day 40 of Big Brother 6, nine houseguests took part in a challenge called Pressure Cooker. They were all placed inside a glass box in the backyard, and the object was to be the final person holding down a button. After each elimination, the person would receive a reward or punishment based on the prize box that they opened. And the last person standing would be the new Head of Household.

An infamous moment took place during the challenge when Jennifer Vasquez convinced Kaysar to drop out with the promise that she would go after James, thus protecting Kaysar and Janelle from getting evicted. Jennifer won the challenge and then put Kaysar on the block, sealing his fate as he became the final person not to make the jury.

Pressure Cooker lasted for 14 hours and 37 minutes, meaning the challenge was still occurring at roughly 9 a.m. PT (house time) the following morning when people turned their live feeds on. It is the longest challenge that has ever taken place on the USA version of the show, and it was remarkable to watch play out in real-time.

Below is a video of how the majority of the challenge went. To watch it in full, Season 6, Episode 16, can be streamed on Paramount+.

BB6 "Pressure cooker" endurance competition for HOH

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And speaking of Big Brother showmances, a couple from BB23 may be on The Amazing Race. A rumor that they were spotted on the set of the show has been working its way around social media.

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Looking forward, the BB24 start date was revealed by host Julie Chen Moonves in a fun social media post. The new cast looks to be made up of entirely new houseguests, and a huge cash prize is on the line this summer.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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